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Web Analytics Burlington with Justin Cutroni

Google Analytics superhero, Justin Cutroni, will be doing an open Q&A for Web Analytics Burlington (nee Web Analytics Wednesday) this month. Will it be awesome? Yes it will be awesome. Justin is the author of one of the best Google Analytics blogs around, has written a few smart books about analytics, and then there’s the […]

Chittenden County Vermont, a new audience snapshot

Slide deck with 10 minute audio commentary describing a study of web visits recently performed by Thoughtfaucet. Some of the results were surprising.

Burlington Web Analytics Wednesday: Audience Interactive Edition

#BTV Web Analytics Wednesday this month will be focusing on data generated during Social Media Day.

Real time web analytics for emergency services

Video and extensive presentation notes on location-based analytics thinking for Emergency Management professionals. Applicable to anyone interested in digital location.

Burlington Web Analytics Wednesday: Mobile

Web Analytics Wednesday continues on Wednesday May 25th.

Online Event: Gahlord Dewald and Justin Cutroni talk web analytics

Gahlord Dewald and Justin Cutroni will be having a conversation about web analytics this Thursday May 5 at 1pm Eastern. Who knows what exactly they’ll cover, but if you want to learn more about your online audience, chances are good you’ll get something useful from listening in on their conversation. This is bound to be […]

The difference between social media and collaboration

Image by Trypode via Flickr We’ve been reading and creating a lot of chatter about “social media” for the past few years. And for the past year it’s been incessant non-stop cacophony about Twitter and Facebook and gurus and is-blogging-relevant-anymore and Foursquare and so on. Non-stop. In all that chatter it’s been easy to miss […]

Three Ways to Measure: Tear down the wild mouse.

Is your organization a wild mouse? Here are three ways to stop running around and being insane.

Organizational Readiness in Social Media: 4 Core Tasks

What four things result in 80% of an organization’s success in social media?

Observing Satisfaction on Twitter

Image by gahlord via Flickr For those of you who have reviewed my slide presentation on using web analytics with social media, you’ll notice that I have a minor addition to the usual Reach-Acquisition-Conversion consumer behavior model. That addition is Satisfaction. With social media, the customer’s ability to express satisfaction is significantly increased and also […]