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Why should augmented reality developers care about “GPS” and what does it do?

Contest: Why you like doing business in Vermont in 500 Words or Less.

This week I’m running a contest. The winner will get a free ticket to Burlington Social Media Breakfast #4 on February 1. The speakers are Adrian Ho of Minneapolis’ Zeus Jones and Rebecca Thorman from Alice.com, a consumer packaged goods ecommerce site and platform. I think this BTVSMB is going to be great because these […]

Using Social Media to Create Face-to-Face Opportunities

Image by gahlord via Flickr Here’s a tactic for organizations scrambling to make sense of social media and figure out the ROI or the relevant policies required to sustain social marketing efforts. This post was inspired by cyskoff’s comment on Jeremiah Owyang’s Matrix: Breakdown of Advocacy Marketing. You can either go deep with it or […]

Read/Write Web’s Tech Trends of 2009

Image by …-Wink-… via Flickr It’s the time of year where everyone is either re-hashing last year or predicting next year. Here is one of the better re-caps of important technology trends, as outlined by Read/Write Web.