Clarify what your doing for search. SEO Playbook webinar May 1st, 2013

This year I am doing a quarterly SEO Playbook webinar. I’m doing it quarterly because there are different times of year that different search-related activities tend to make sense. You could, of course, do all of them at once or something. But those who do best at search are constantly working on it, a little […]

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Thoughtfaucet launches premium content Thoughtfaucet is launching premium content to help streamline delivery on a range of topics that Gahlord is asked about frequently. Content will be available in pay-per-post and as an “Everything” yearly subscription. The first item available is a conversation on Social Strategy, Tactics and Measurement that took place between Gahlord and […]

Burlington VT Web Analytics Wednesday: SEO Edition

Aba and Jonathan from Dealer are going to be presenting at this month’s Web Analytics Wednesday. The topic is: “Up and to [the Right SEO Tactics]” 6:30 hangout begins 7:00 Aba and Jonathan present Followed by more geeking out Hosted here at Thoughtfaucet located in the Howard Space Center at 4 Howard Street Studio i3 […]

Burlington Web Analytics Wednesday: Using Google Analytics to Optimize Online Marketing Channels.

  Details are in for Vermont’s Web Analytics Wednesday event in Burlington! Or, more accurately for this edition: South Burlington! Logic Supply is hosting and providing the speaker.   WAW regular Erika Austin from Logic Supply is going to talk about how they use GA to optimize their online marketing channels. Another awesome in-house presentation […]

Thoughtfaucet pres/janitor Gahlord Dewald talks web analytics with Emergency Services industry social media geniuses.

Thoughtfaucet president/janitor Gahlord Dewald will be presenting on analytics at the emergency services edition of the 140 Conference (aka #140confNW).   Dewald takes the stage for ten minutes starting at 9:25am Pacific | 12:25pm Eastern in Vancouver Washington. If you tune in please feel leave questions as comments in this blog post or to tweet […]