Clarify what your doing for search. SEO Playbook webinar May 1st, 2013

This year I am doing a quarterly SEO Playbook webinar. I’m doing it quarterly because there are different times of year that different search-related activities tend to make sense. You could, of course, do all of them at once or something. But those who do best at search are constantly working on it, a little bit at a time. You should too and I want to help ease you into that mindset. Thus, quarterly SEO Playbook for Real Estate webinars.

Abbaye Saint Benoît de Fleury, the supposed or...
Abbaye Saint Benoît de Fleury, the supposed origin of the book. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The format is pretty straightforward, first I go through some actual data from my collection of over 9million real estate visits. This is important because much of the advice we get on search or the web in general is generic or worse, based on the news media industry. By looking at data from a specific industry we get a better sense of actual behaviors.

Using this data, we can improve the things we do to improve ranking and performance. There aren’t any “Google tricks” here. It’s just data-driven work that helps you align your site with your search visitors–and doing it in a way that Google will notice.

I present a variety of playbook actions to focus on for the quarter based on different competencies companies tend to have.

Finally, there’s a Q&A session that doesn’t stop until you run out of questions.

Webinar attendees also get access to archived video of the webinar and the opportunity to ask further questions on it.

Go sign up for the Real Estate SEO Playbook Webinar.

Non-real estate people will probably find it valuable as well, but if you’d like a version of this webinar for your own industry please let me know.

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