“Social Web Geek” and “Influential Beyond Vermont”

Thoughtfaucet President/Janitor Gahlord Dewald was voted “Social Web Geek” and “Wider Influence” in the 2011 Burlington Social Media Day poll. The last time Dewald was this elated was when the entire city of Winooski started following him on Twitter. He promises not to let the awards go to his head.

Burlington, VT has a rich and active digital culture. Recognized as one of the leading socially networked cities in the US (beating out our bigger meaner cousin Portland, Oregon for example), Burlington hosts a wide variety of meetups and tweetups and just plain old fashioned hang-outs.

In many ways, the digital layer of Burlington community is just a natural extension of the strong community networks that exist in the non-digital life of Burlington–music, agriculture and independent business community networks are exceptionally strong in Burlington as well.

Gahlord and Thoughtfaucet are psyched to be a part of all this.

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