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Makerspaces and Hackathons in Vermont

CodeForBTV: harnessing the energy of hack/make culture for civic betterment. Fellowship: coder applies to work in a city (like a code-focused peace corp). Awesome, but some issues: no real support, time, uprooted people, low scale projects, longevity--a free puppy. Brigade: steady, facilitate collaborations, no free puppies. Big Heavy World BTV Music Archive, Knight Foundation Grant to leverage BT Gigabit.

I was recently asked to do a “sketchnote” for a panel discussion in my town, Burlington Vermont. For those not up on the latest buzzwords, sketchnoting is basically doodling while an event is going and letting other people see your doodles. It has something to do with visual thinking. Or doodling. Either way it’s pretty […]

Introducing the flowgraph

As I’ve been messing around with a pile of event data for Twitter I’ve been mulling over aspects of visualizing the data in a way that helps to unlock the meaning and insights contained in that data. Along the way I’ve come up with a new way of visualizing data and I’d love your thoughts […]

Chittenden County Vermont, a new audience snapshot

Slide deck with 10 minute audio commentary describing a study of web visits recently performed by Thoughtfaucet. Some of the results were surprising.

Burlington Web Analytics Wednesday: Audience Interactive Edition

#BTV Web Analytics Wednesday this month will be focusing on data generated during Social Media Day.

“Social Web Geek” and “Influential Beyond Vermont”

Gahlord wins a double-whammy at the Burlington Social Media Day awards.

A template for building community on Twitter

One of the things I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is the question “Where do you listen to?” That isn’t a typo. The place you listen to informs the questions you hear. I think the questions I hear make a big difference in what I think about and the problems I learn to solve. […]

Burlington Vermont Snowday.

Warning: This post has no information related to marketing, communication, emerging technologies, SEO or Google or social media or anything. Instead, it has skiing. We got a lot of snow today. I got to work on cross country skis. This is how I would like to get to work every day.

Some thoughts I had for Burlington Tech’s Careers in Design and Illustration students

Image by Getty Images via @daylife I’m on the advisory board of the local high school’s vocational design program: Burlington Tech Careers in Design and Illustration. I’ve been on this board for years and it’s always fun. I get to see some great work by high school juniors and seniors during their portfolio reviews. Over […]

Notes on Mitch Joel presentation in Burlington, VT: Doom on agencies that just start with pretty websites.

What does Mitch Joel have to say about getting started in social media? Or what about companies that don’t consider analytics early in their process?

Social media without conversation

I recently had the opportunity to see Adrian Ho of Zeus Jones speak. His firm does exceptional things in marketing that are non-traditional and approach social marketing in a way that is seemingly at odds with many of the “Best practices” floating around. Here’s the video and below that is the slide deck.