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Social Media and Government, a mind map of a panel discussion

I just returned from an event hosted by Amanda Levinson titled “#BTVMayor: How Social Media is Redefining Politics” and as can be expected when you get a bunch of smart people in a room and give them a topic in which they are directly involved, many great insights and thoughts were shared. I made a […]

Social media in the large, international organization

While presenting at Global Strategic Management Institute’s Boston Social Media Strategy Summit I had the chance to see Stefan Heeke from Siemens Corp present on their use of social media. Below you will find my notes in mindmap format and a text outline of the mindmap itself.

The future belongs to the makers.

“Results-driven organization” and “Values-based organization” are familiar phrases. Sometimes they have meaning and sometimes they don’t. This article examines Mojang AB as an example of an organization that skirts the issues of “values” and “results” entirely. Mindmap, video, text outline, essay and something special.

Mindmap of Guy Kawasaki’s presentation: Enchantment

Guy Kawasaki and I keynoted the GSMI Global Blogging Strategies Summit. Here’s a mindmap of Guy’s presentation related to his book “Enchantment” but with some great keepers familiar to readers of one of my favorites “The Art of the Start.”

Learning about branding from the Beatles.

Baby boomers had a front row seat for branding in all of it’s early glory. Like the Beatles.

Managing Online Communities: A mindmap of #BTVSMB presentations by Sara Steele-Rogers and Anthony Quintano

Another month, another #BTVSMB. This month’s topic was managing online communities. If you want to know more about social media breakfasts, look at my past post. It briefly explains what they are. Two community mangers presented their thoughts and strategies on how they manage the communities built around the businesses that employ them. Sara Steele-Rogers, […]

Social Customer Service: a mindmap of Bill Gerth (Comcast) & Morgan Johnston (JetBlue) presentations to the Burlington VT Social Media Breakfast (#BTVSMB)

[Please welcome a new voice to the Thoughtfaucet blog: Apprentice Entrepreneur Brett Chalupa. He is a freshman college student with exceptional initiative. I hope you value his thoughts and observations as much as I do. –Gahlord] Social customer service was the topic of the March #BTVSMB (Burlington, VT Social Media Breakfast) this past Monday. Social […]

Notes on Mitch Joel presentation in Burlington, VT: Doom on agencies that just start with pretty websites.

What does Mitch Joel have to say about getting started in social media? Or what about companies that don’t consider analytics early in their process?