Social media in the large, international organization

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While presenting at Global Strategic Management Institute’s Boston Social Media Strategy Summit I had the chance to see Stefan Heeke from Siemens Corp present on their use of social media.

Below you will find my notes in mindmap format and a text outline of the mindmap itself.

There are a couple areas that stuck with me in particular:

  1. Ad agencies aren’t up to snuff on social and quick decisions and Heeke has their number.
  2. Decision cycles need to be much much faster.
  3. Design should start with content, not lorem ipsum.

In addition, some of their initial entrypoints into social came as a result of analytics: observing that certain obscure pages of their site were getting significantly more traffic than usual.

Heeke’s talk was honest, straightforward and valuable regardless of the size of your organization.

Notes from Stefan Heeke's presenation on Social Media in Large International Businesses.

[EXPAND Outline of Social media in the large, international organization]

  • Social Media in the large, international organization
  • Stefan Heeke Director Interactive Marketing USA Siemens Corporation
  • Presenting at: Global Strategic Management Institute’s Social Media Strategy Summit: Boston
  • Marketing tasks
    • Value generation
      • Velocity of changes driving faster decision making
      • Quarterly advertising plans instead of yearly.
    • Reality check: customers’ unvarnished thoughts
    • Converting messages to conversations
      • Hashtags
      • Customer language
    • Identifying targets for messages based on whether the message will resonate–people already engaged with the topic. Seeding/targeting
    • Monitoring
      • Daily twitter topics/reach etc
        • Predicts news
        • Follows news
    • Confronting ad agency innertia
      • Media buying is where they make money
      • Lorem ipsum is backwards. Content needs to go first.
    • Identifying internal social media types
      • Heros
      • Comm manager
      • Producer
      • Trainer
      • Ambassadorships
      • Rules for topics
      • Encouraged to represent
      • Most interesting candidates for ambassadorship may not be social media people.
        • Assign assistant/outside producer: per NBC social efforts.
    • Training
  • Pain points
    • Status/human factors
    • Message control
      • Danger of astro turf
    • Generational issues
    • Shared identity — personal and company
    • Response time
    • Internationalization issues
    • Cultural
    • Legal/privacy
  • Value of the network of employees
    • Network effects
      • Contagiousness of happiness
      • Contagiousness of health habits like smoking
      • Contagiousness of other factors
      • Message distribution
  • Social media + event case
    • Facebook ads
      • Half of attendees saId Facebook ad spend brought them
    • High speed rail simulation
  • Beginnings
    • Accidental
      • Inspired from outside: chaplin hearing aid
      • Accidental based on interest generated by wind turbine LED product
    • They noticed (observation) unplanned activity on their site.
    • Internal policies or culture
    • Access to tools
      • Lack of access leads to employees bringing and using their own
  • This is about innovation
  • Notes by: Gahlord Dewald President/Janitor


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    1. Thank you for giving such an excellent presentation. Your point about designers starting from Lorem Ipsum is so poignant. I use it all the time now.

      I have whole conferences woven together via mindmaps. It’s a very powerful technique indeed.

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