Mindmap of Guy Kawasaki’s presentation: Enchantment

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I was one of the keynote speakers at the recent Blogging Strategies Summit. The other one was Guy Kawasaki. Yeah, I’m humbled.

This post is a mindmap of Guy Kawasaki’s presentation, based on his new book Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions.

There are a number of really valuable big-picture-to-action things embedded in this:

  • Biology: note how the first item, Likeability, ties into innate human factors and “honest signals.”
  • Socialness: with all the blather about social-this and social-that these days, the second item “Trustworthiness” is what being a social creature is about.
  • Process: not leaving things to chance with being enchanting means having a process.
  • Tools: only when the above items are covered does he dig into practices or tools or techniques. A firm ground has been established.


Here are the slides from Guy’s presentation (you can see how much didn’t get into the first draft of my mindmap!).

If you dig this, you might also enjoy the mindmap I did of a preso that Mitch Joel did in Burlington, VT.

Mindmap outline of Guy Kawasaki’s “Enchantment” presentation:

Reader @jackccrawford was kind enough to turn my raw text outline of the above mindmap into a slide deck. It’s sort of funny in a way because the resulting slidedeck is 180ยบ opposite of the kind of presentation that Guy gives (and breaks pretty much all of his presentation rules–see the bit about 10-20-30 in particular). Still, I bet you’ll find it a valuable re-mix of Guy’s work.

[EXPAND Outline Format of Guy Kawasaki Mindmap]

  • Guy Kawasaki: Enchantment
    • Likability
      • Great smile
        • Not just jaw
        • Use your eyes: crows feet
      • Dress for a tie
        • Under dress: doesn’t respect
        • Overdress:
      • Good handshake
    • Achieve trustworthiness
      • Trust others first
        • Amazon kindle return policy
        • Zappos return policy: shipping both ways too
        • Nordstrom
      • Bake, don’t eat
        • Baker
          • Makes stuff
          • Unlimited world
        • Eater
          • Limited world
          • Eat as much as possible
      • Default to yes
    • Make a great product
      • Do something DICEE
        • Deep
        • Intelligent
        • Completeness
          • Total ecosystem
        • Empower
        • Elegant
      • Short, sweet and swallowable
      • Conduct a pre mortem
        • Pretend the product failed and come up with all the reasons it failed.
        • Go through the list and eliminate as many of those reasons as possible.
    • Launch
      • Tell a story
      • Plant many seeds
        • 1.0 is top down
          • big names, A list bloggers or journalists, suck up
        • 2.0 is nobodies
          • All the small people
          • Nobody is the new somebody
        • Think about this from the start to find the nobodies
      • Use salient points
        • Miles per gallon vs yearly costs
        • Dollars vs months of food
        • Gigabytes vs number of songs
    • Overcome
      • Provide social proof
        • White earbuds on iPods
      • Find a brighht spot
        • Dont focus on overcoming the dim spot
      • Enchant the influencers
        • Probably not at the top of organization
        • Probably not the family member you think it is
        • Justin Beiber movie as example of marketing.
    • Endure
      • Build an ecosystem
      • Invoke reciprocation
        • Enable people to pay you back: makes the relationship stronger
      • Don’t rely on money
        • If you rely on money you are probably not enchanting.
    • Present
      • Customize the introduction
      • Sell your dream
      • The 10 20 30 rule
        • 10 slides
        • 20 minutes
        • 30 point font
    • Technology
      • Remove the speed bumps
        • Captcha is example of a speed bump
        • Sungevity is example of not a speedbump
          • Uses the bing map to estimate power
      • Provide value
        • Information
        • Insights
        • Assistance
      • Engage
        • Fast
          • Answer your email in 48 hours
        • Many
        • Often
          • Core existence not an extra
    • Enchant up
      • Drop everything else
      • Prototype fast
        • Proof of dropping everythhing else
        • Gives you time to fix things
      • Deliver bad news early
    • Enchant down
      • MAP
        • Mastery
        • Autonomy
        • Purpose
      • Empowering
      • Suck it up
    • Practice
      • Outsiders find content and post to blogs which autotweet. Guy responds personally though–no ghosting
      • Goomzee for sending info from a preso
    • Tool/content recommendations
      • Hibari for twitter
      • Presentation zen by gar reynolds
      • Bob chaldini influence
      • Dale carnegie how to win friends and influence people


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  1. Mike: Glad you liked it. It was, of course, a great presentation. There are a lot of other mindmaps on this site as well if you poke around a bit. I think I’m due for a content restructuring to surface them a little better.

  2. Love it! What a great way to express content in an ingenious way. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hi Gahlord,

    I put your mindmap in a powerpoint presentation (with appropriate attribution). Would you like me to send to you for potential posting? The information is inspiring and very helpful.

    I found your blog entry via a tweet from @alltop (Guy Kawasaki).

    Thanks very much!


  4. Jack: Glad it’s useful. As a powerpoint I imagine it’s teeny tiny. But sure, please send them back this way.

    Also remember, the mindmap is just my notes and thoughts. The real content in it is Guy’s. So obviously send people to his book as well.

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