Social media without conversation

I recently had the opportunity to see Adrian Ho of Zeus Jones speak. His firm does exceptional things in marketing that are non-traditional and approach social marketing in a way that is seemingly at odds with many of the “Best practices” floating around. Here’s the video and below that is the slide deck.

For me some of the big takeaways were:

  • Identify existing human behavior that can be made faster/easier/better through good design and programming (see the teen girls photobooth for Nordstrom’s or the Nordstrom Backroom program).
  • Your company doesn’t have to “engage” in a conversation. Real people engage in conversations. So put real people in charge of your social media. Or try something else.
  • Something else might look like an application or curated collection of content that your audience finds useful and valuable.
  • And the biggest: stay focused on a real business objective. Buzz is not necessarily the best metric to measure the success of your online initiatives.

Some other Burlington, VT Social Media Breakfasters have made posts as well:

  • Mitch Lieberman‘s quick followup, focusing on the “people don’t want relationships with companies” aspect of the presentation.
  • Jonathan B Wilson‘s assessment of the point that it’s important to find and create value for your customers, and that’s social media.
  • Rich Nadworny, one of the organizers of the #btvsmb, writes more about the idea of social media being a way to do something for people.
  • Also, for my real estate industry friends and colleagues, I wrote a review of the event for (free on the date of publication, requires premium membership later).

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