Thoughtfaucet and Twitter

Image via Wikipedia Hi, you’re probably reading this because you came from the little link in the Thoughtfaucet Twitter profile. Here’s just a quick rundown of how Thoughtfaucet is going to be using that account: Auto-publishing blog posts. Yeah we know you read somewhere that this was bad etiquette. Well, it isn’t. If you want […]

Talking about web analytics at Blogworld

Image by gahlord via Flickr [This post is a preview of my October 15, 4pm Blogworld presentation on web analytics. For further detail click the speaker badge or the link in the next paragraph.] In a couple days I’m going to have a little over one hour to talk to Blogworld attendees about web analytics. […]

Google Adwords Grants for Non-Profits

Many non-profit organizations would be able to realize their mission goals better with a little more traffic to their websites. Google Adwords, those little ads on the sidebar of Google search engine result pages, are designed to increase website traffic. Google has a grant program available to non-profits that gives the non-profit free advertising via […]