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Why should augmented reality developers care about “GPS” and what does it do?

Read/Write Web’s Tech Trends of 2009

Image by …-Wink-… via Flickr It’s the time of year where everyone is either re-hashing last year or predicting next year. Here is one of the better re-caps of important technology trends, as outlined by Read/Write Web.


How do you get a webcam to recognize an augmented reality glyph or marker?

Magic Lens

What kind of augmented reality is common on the iPhone?

Magic Mirror

What kind of augmented reality is common on computers with a webcam?


What’s the piece of art that is printed in the real world, that augmented reality systems see?

Augmented Reality Mask: A project for Dark Arts Burlington VT

Following on the success of a previous augmented reality project, I created a digital mask for curator Deidre Healy‘s Dark Arts in Burlington, VT. This new piece, Mask, was based on the idea of those French-style masks with a rod that you hold over your face. I created a simple grotesque 3D model in Blender […]

Observing use of augmented reality with The Sinjensen5000

The Sinjensen Corporation demoed their new digital dishwasher at Thoughtfaucet HQ. The future of dishwashing is digital.