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The six things people do when they see your sponsored Facebook post on their mobile device.

A quick illustration of how misaligned or non-existent strategies yield new and interesting results.

Facebook for business highlights what’s wrong with web design and development.

I’ve had a several conversations about marketing on Facebook lately. They usually go something like this. Business owner: Can I just use Facebook instead of a website? Me: Sure, you could scrap your business website (or for new entrepreneurs not get one in the first place) and just use Facebook. I wouldn’t recommend it though. […]

Stop trying to engage your audience.

What do people mean when they say to “engage your audience” via social media?

Following channels is like chasing shadows.

How do I keep up with all the changes in social media sites and channels?

Quick thoughts on using location services for marketing

How can you use Foursquare or Facebook Places for marketing?

The difference between social media and collaboration

Image by Trypode via Flickr We’ve been reading and creating a lot of chatter about “social media” for the past few years. And for the past year it’s been incessant non-stop cacophony about Twitter and Facebook and gurus and is-blogging-relevant-anymore and Foursquare and so on. Non-stop. In all that chatter it’s been easy to miss […]

Adding the Facebook “Like” button to your WordPress site.

How do I install the Facebook Like button on Wordpress?

Follow Friday: Karthik Srinivasan

Other countries have the same challenges in social media as we do in the US. Looking for insightful examples and case studies from another perspective? Here’s someone you should follow.

Facebook changing business pages

Just a quick heads up that Facebook is changing some things about business pages. Here’s a slide deck to help you adjust: Fb Pages Transition Jan2010 View more presentations from Alisa Leonard-Hansen.

Read/Write Web’s Tech Trends of 2009

Image by …-Wink-… via Flickr It’s the time of year where everyone is either re-hashing last year or predicting next year. Here is one of the better re-caps of important technology trends, as outlined by Read/Write Web.