The six things people do when they see your sponsored Facebook post on their mobile device.

A quick illustration of how misaligned or non-existent strategies yield new and interesting results.

Facebook sponsored posts example of ROI

Many so called “social media strategies” lack anything resembling social behavior and anything resembling a strategy.

It’s easy to poke fun at Deal Dash for using a groaner in an attempt to lure you to their Facebook page so they can then lure you later to their deal website so they can then lure you into buying one of their deals. But their behavior isn’t that far off from how everyone is using the social tools available on Facebook. You can find a blog post somewhere that will call this a “best practice” even.

If the things you are doing don’t align directly with the core of your brand then you aren’t just wasting your own energy, you can be potentially harming the social capital of your customers.

Brands that don’t care about that or aren’t actively working to increase the social capital of their customers are making a strategic error.

Also, thanks for Burlington VT narrative marketer Ed Shepard for agreeing to be in the “six things consumers think and do” graphic.

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