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Thoughtfaucet’s LinkedIn profile training video and transcript

How do I make my LinkedIn profile awesomer?

Stop trying to engage your audience.

What do people mean when they say to “engage your audience” via social media?

Thoughtfaucet Apprentice Lab: LinkedIn Profiles Webinar

Thoughtfaucet is lucky enough to have a couple of exceptionally ambitious apprentices from Champlain College here in Burlington, VT. They both know a lot of useful things, but I’m determined to teach them a few more useful things. When putting together some of the training materials I realized that maybe other people would like to […]

Follow Friday: Karthik Srinivasan

Other countries have the same challenges in social media as we do in the US. Looking for insightful examples and case studies from another perspective? Here’s someone you should follow.

Improving Social Media via Web Analytics: Observations on Satisfaction

Observing Satisfaction in social media can be tricky but rewarding.

Stepping into Traffic

So I was thinking (which is a way of saying I was scenario-planning) the other day about the far-end of the social media marketing spectrum: What if you didn’t have a website at all Instead devote all of the hours you might spend developing it, dealing with the developers etc and just spent that time […]