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Sometimes you just want to make something yourself. Here are some things Thoughtfaucet has learned along the way, we hope it’s helpful.

How To: Use the Twitter Favorites Button

Simple, easy, quick way to make Twitter a little bit more useful. Explained in detail for the curious minded. Includes strategic considerations.

Social media in the large, international organization

While presenting at Global Strategic Management Institute’s Boston Social Media Strategy Summit I had the chance to see Stefan Heeke from Siemens Corp present on their use of social media. Below you will find my notes in mindmap format and a text outline of the mindmap itself.

Convergence is a fairy tale told by people who miss the good old days.

Video and slides from my presentation on Convergence.

Mindmap of Guy Kawasaki’s presentation: Enchantment

Guy Kawasaki and I keynoted the GSMI Global Blogging Strategies Summit. Here’s a mindmap of Guy’s presentation related to his book “Enchantment” but with some great keepers familiar to readers of one of my favorites “The Art of the Start.”

Real time web analytics for emergency services

Video and extensive presentation notes on location-based analytics thinking for Emergency Management professionals. Applicable to anyone interested in digital location.

Online Video: A tipping point

Last night the topic of #retechchat was using video in real estate. Drew Meyers, who hosts the event, did a great job stirring up the conversation and keeping it rolling. There was an obvious interest in the topic, as there should be. Real estate estate is one of those industries where images and narrative are […]

Thoughtfaucet’s LinkedIn profile training video and transcript

How do I make my LinkedIn profile awesomer?

Step by Step: How to Configure a Hootsuite Stream for Location-based Twitter Search

Need to make a location-specific search stream in Hootsuite? Here’s the tutorial.

Geocoded Twitter Searches, a reference of location-specific search strings for Twitter clients.

Looking for examples of location-based Twitter searches that work in Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and other Twitter clients? Here they are!

Step by Step: How to Configure Tweetdeck to Search Near a Location

How do you get Tweetdeck to display just Tweets from a specific area?