Contest: Why you like doing business in Vermont in 500 Words or Less.

This week I’m running a contest. The winner will get a free ticket to Burlington Social Media Breakfast #4 on February 1. The speakers are Adrian Ho of Minneapolis’ Zeus Jones and Rebecca Thorman from, a consumer packaged goods ecommerce site and platform.

I think this BTVSMB is going to be great because these speakers represent solid strategic thinking plus making things people like. I’m psyched. So psyched that I want you to come too.

The contest: Doing Business in Vermont

Here’s how you can win a free ticket to the Feb 1, 2010 Burlington Social Media Breakfast:

  1. Write 500 words or less about what you like best about doing business in Vermont. Feel free to include some pictures/video/media if you want, in addition to the words.
  2. Post your entry someplace where I can read it.
  3. Let me know that you posted (a link to this post is one good way or send me an email or whatever) by 11:59pm January 25th .

Me and my secret panelists will read the entries and select a winner of the free ticket by January 26, 2010. Students can write about why they want to stay in Vermont and do business here after they graduate. The winner will collect their ticket at the event: there is no cash replacement value or anything like that.

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  1. I just wanted to let you know your dates for the ‘free ticket’ show dealines of late Feb and the meeting as being Feb 1st. Perhaps the deadline is January 26th? Thanks…Truly!


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