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Getting started with a website on the cheap.

Image via Wikipedia Note: If you already know a lot about your customers, your corporate design sense, your product and your broader marketplace this article is obviously not for you. If, on the other hand, you’re just starting a business and want to get going on the right foot but aren’t sure how to do […]

A Little Quick SEO for a Book Author

Image via Wikipedia Awhile back, a phone conversation with someone inspired me to write my SEO Nineball blog post. Well the caller didn’t take any of my search engine optimization advice. Instead, he bought three hours of my time to do what I thought was best within that budget. Here’s what happened.

Thoughtfaucet and Twitter

Image via Wikipedia Hi, you’re probably reading this because you came from the little link in the Thoughtfaucet Twitter profile. Here’s just a quick rundown of how Thoughtfaucet is going to be using that account: Auto-publishing blog posts. Yeah we know you read somewhere that this was bad etiquette. Well, it isn’t. If you want […]

Foursquare in #BTV

Image by Marty.FM via Flickr When I walked to work this morning there was snow on the ground. This means that people will soon be flocking to Vermont to get in some skiing. Those people flocking here may be Foursquare players. Here’s a quick intro tour to Foursquare for Burlington AKA Foursquare for #BTV.

Magic Mirror

What kind of augmented reality is common on computers with a webcam?


What’s the piece of art that is printed in the real world, that augmented reality systems see?

Web Typography: Using Em Units.

Image by Network Osaka via Flickr Making things online often means using text and typography. Fiddling with font sizes online can be a real pain. This is because all the computer platforms are a little different in how they treat text and pixels. Also, since I’m a fan of making websites that people can use […]

Thoughtfaucet President/Janitor chosen as a judge for Mobius Awards.

Image via Wikipedia Gahlord Dewald, President/Janitor at Thoughtfaucet, has been asked to be one of the judges for the prestigious Mobius Awards.