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Example: Animation Editing

Happy Holidays from the Dogsharks.


How do you get a webcam to recognize an augmented reality glyph or marker?

Magic Lens

What kind of augmented reality is common on the iPhone?

Scaling social media in ten steps.

Image by Getty Images via Daylife In a hurry? The ten steps for scaling social media are in list-format at the bottom of this post. One of the common laments of companies trying to leverage social media is that it can take a lot of time and resources. If you or your employees are on […]

Landing Page

Landing Page The first page seen by a visitor to a site. This could be any page on a site at all, as long as it’s the first page the visitor sees. conference call/webinar featuring Gahlord Dewald

Image via CrunchBase Gahlord will be speaking on the blogger conference call this coming Thursday. Audie Chamberlain says it best: “We’re excited that Gahlord will be sharing some great insight and education on how to use web analytics make life better for Realtors and their clients.” Dewald will be presenting on specific analytics reports […]

Two Yoast google-analytics-plugin hacks for WordPress

Image by Getty Images via Daylife I love WordPress. And I love Yoast’s Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It makes installation of GA so much swifter. And I really hate hacking plugins because that means I have to be careful when I upgrade them. But there are two things that really stick in my craw: […]

A small case for qualitative analytics.

Image via Wikipedia A lot of the work I do is focused on web analytics. When making things for online consumption, one of the few ways to know whether anything is working as intended is via web analytics. It’s our only way to observe how humans are really interacting with the things we make. And […]

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate In web analytics, the bounce rate refers to the percent of visitors that see the page or site and then leave without seeing anything else. The Web Analytics Association defines the Bounce Rate as “Single page view visits divided by entry pages.” (from Web Analytics Association Web Analytics Definitions v4) Some people find […]

Gahlord Dewald to teach animation course at Burlington College

Image via Wikipedia Thoughtfaucet President/Janitor will be teaching “Introduction to Animation” for Burlington College this Spring. The class will meet at Thoughtfaucet on Pine Street in Burlington to make use of stop-motion and other traditional media production tools here. The course is a part of Burlington College’s successful Cinema Studies program. “I always enjoy teaching […]