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Awhile back, a phone conversation with someone inspired me to write my SEO Nineball blog post. Well the caller didn’t take any of my search engine optimization advice. Instead, he bought three hours of my time to do what I thought was best within that budget. Here’s what happened.

Within a couple of days of completing my work my client had gone from page 200 or greater on Google to the first slot. Within a week, Google was adding a secondary internal page for the site. Now, about two months later, Google is also showing image results. Of those image results, two of them are on the site where I performed the search engine optimization (including the large, readable product shot at the end of the row).

Quick SEO Results

An SEO client of Thoughtfaucet gets to #1 on Google.
An SEO client of Thoughtfaucet gets to #1 on Google (and #2 and images and...).

It’s unusual to see these results so quickly. There were some obvious things helping out, most notably that we were pursuing a very niche term with relatively low competition.

However, the strategic value of having quick results was exceptionally high: the client was going to begin making public appearances within a week of Thoughtfaucet completing the SEO work–the value of those public appearances would be diminished if his audience members had trouble locating his site afterwards.

Though the competition for the target search term was light, the top slot had more than five years of age. Runners-up included established trustworthy book sellers. So there may not have been a lot of competition, but it’s always the strength of the top ten that counts.

What was done with three hours of SEO time?

I devoted the entirety of the three hours available to me doing on-site search engine optimization techniques. The client indicated that he wouldn’t be able to spend the time required using social media and SEO nineball techniques so I left those for another day. The appearance of image-results and secondary pages on the search engine results page confirm that my choice to focus on on-page SEO techniques was a good one.

Search engine optimization takeaway

The success of this campaign should serve as a reminder to keep a tight handle on the underlying code. Having a website that looks great is certainly important. But if you want anyone to see how nice your site looks, they have to find it. Google is one of the ways people find websites.

Happy SEO client

Here’s what the client had to say about working with Thoughtfaucet:

Gahlord Dewald is a consummate professional. I didn’t know what SEO even was, but I knew that my website was hard to find. In clear and convincing language, he quickly explained the problem, remedied it, and suggested imaginative ways to maintain a strong profile on the web. I strongly recommend him to anyone for whom the intricacies of web marketing are terra incognita.

Thoughtfaucet was happy to work on this project, thanks Thad!

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