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Hi, you’re probably reading this because you came from the little link in the Thoughtfaucet Twitter profile. Here’s just a quick rundown of how Thoughtfaucet is going to be using that account:

Auto-publishing blog posts. Yeah we know you read somewhere that this was bad etiquette. Well, it isn’t. If you want actual engagement then it’s always better to go with a real human. We recommend Gahlord (of course, then you’ll have a lot of nordic skiing stuff mixed in with your web makery, but at least he’s human).

Sometimes responding directly. We will be checking in and monitoring mentions, but maybe not as often as you’d like. If you really want to get in touch, using the contact form on our website works great.

So consider the Thoughtfaucet Twitter account pretty much a little tentacle out there in Twitterland, hoping to bring you to content you like.

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