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Battery Park - Burlington, Vermont
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When I walked to work this morning there was snow on the ground. This means that people will soon be flocking to Vermont to get in some skiing. Those people flocking here may be Foursquare players. Here’s a quick intro tour to Foursquare for Burlington AKA Foursquare for #BTV.

1. Remember that Burlington, VT is still a Foursquare Outland.

All the usual stuff about Foursquare for outlanders applies. Sure we’d love it if we were an official city. But as of this writing the Foursquare team is just 4 people. Let’s not get our knickers in a bunch if our little burgh isn’t the next one they add.

2. Foursquare players exist in Burlington

There are a handful of active Foursquare players in #BTV. People like Eric O. (good luck if you want to get Mayorship of someplace on Church Street), Lou M. (who found a vexing bug and the workaround), Rich N. (who gets the mayorships, but is keeping his lips sealed when it comes to giving out tips). And of course, me.

Currently no businesses that I know of are rewarding Foursquare Mayorships. Maybe we should ask them to.

3. You can play too.

Most #BTV Foursquare players choose NYC as their playground. We’re all scoring that Far Far Away badge pretty quickly. But if you’re looking for Foursquare venues in Vermont check the NYC edition to see what we’ve been setting up already.

Here are some things to help make your Vermont Foursquare experience even more square.

  • Using the iPhone app just walk around. Chances are good you’ll find some venues nearby and even a few tips.
  • When Burlington names conflict with NYC names for something, add “BTV” to the end of the name. It’s our hashtag, named after our airport code.
  • If you’re using an interface that doesn’t let you switch the name of the state from NY, just go ahead and enter “Burlington, NY” and one of us will clean it up later. Thanks for adding the venue!
  • Cell coverage in Vermont is spotty. I won’t tell if you back-play a few checkins now and then.
  • Run into a Vermont or #BTV specific problem? Here’s a place where you can report it.

Well I hope all that helps, have fun in Burlington and Vermont!

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