Social media without conversation

I recently had the opportunity to see Adrian Ho of Zeus Jones speak. His firm does exceptional things in marketing that are non-traditional and approach social marketing in a way that is seemingly at odds with many of the “Best practices” floating around. Here’s the video and below that is the slide deck.

Two Yoast google-analytics-plugin hacks for WordPress

Image by Getty Images via Daylife I love WordPress. And I love Yoast’s Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It makes installation of GA so much swifter. And I really hate hacking plugins because that means I have to be careful when I upgrade them. But there are two things that really stick in my craw: […]

A small case for qualitative analytics.

Image via Wikipedia A lot of the work I do is focused on web analytics. When making things for online consumption, one of the few ways to know whether anything is working as intended is via web analytics. It’s our only way to observe how humans are really interacting with the things we make. And […]

Twitter as Oral History Project: 1YR old retweets

Image via Wikipedia The project outline of the 1YrAgo Twitter handle. [Warning: navel-gazing ahead] One of the salient features of Twitter is its ephemeral nature. We post our short snippets of life or thought and then on we go. Our post gets buried and eventually forgotten in the piles of others’ thoughts and life-snippets.

Sneak previews and beta stuff

Image via CrunchBase I write a weekly column on marketing, technology and analytics in highly competitive lead generation business of real estate for Inman News. One of the fun things about doing the column is looking at new tools and technology. Even more fun is determining how these tools might be used to generate revenue […]