Improving Social Media via Web Analytics: Observations about Conversion

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Maybe you get a lot of traffic to your site but no one is converting. Then it’s time to look at fixing your site or your process. Conversion optimization is a big deal. No point in spending tons of time and money driving people to your site if your site doesn’t do a good job of converting.

Conversion in social media is where it gets really hairy for the old school web analyst. It used to be we could just measure the lead gen forms on our own site and call it done. But all of these social media sites have their own messaging systems: direct messages, inboxes, walls … all sorts of ways to make direct contact without ever even coming to your website. For that sort of thing you’ll need to be disciplined about measuring the conversion. Ultimately CRM tools are going to have to step up to the plate with this for more automated measuring.

Of course, our good old lead form is still on our site and we can measure it.

And don’t forget about the live events and meetups that you go to as a result of your social media activity. This blending of the real world and the online world is only going to increase. Especially for lead generation businesses like real estate.

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