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As some of you know, I write a weekly column over at Inman News. I tend to write about either my take on a web marketing concept (with a heavy dose of web analytics) or review some piece of technology (with a heavy dose of web analytics). The column comes out on Tuesday mornings for free and then gets put behind a pay wall on Wednesday (the pay wall is Inman News’ thing, not mine).

Since Inman News is a publication focusing on real estate, my column is aimed at a real estate professional. However, even if you’re not in real estate, the columns may be helpful (especially if you’re in any sort of lead generation business as the mechanics will function in a similar way);

Here are some of the tool reviews I’ve done in the past:


This tool lets you create a search box that uses all of your social media as an index. Very cool. Read more about Lijit.


One of those Google projects website owners love to hate. Sidewiki lets Google Toolbar users leave an unmoderated comment in on a web page. Read more about Sidewiki.


A real time analytics tool with a built in pro-active live-chat feature. Read more about Woopra.


Actively mashing up social networking online with getting out and about in the real world. Read more about Foursquare.


Manage multiple twitter accounts, saved topic-based search features and schedule Twitter posts. Read more about CoTweet.


The Firefox plugin that I use all the time to add pictures and related links to blog posts. Read more about Zemanta.

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