Twitter as Oral History Project: 1YR old retweets

Image via Wikipedia The project outline of the 1YrAgo Twitter handle. [Warning: navel-gazing ahead] One of the salient features of Twitter is its ephemeral nature. We post our short snippets of life or thought and then on we go. Our post gets buried and eventually forgotten in the piles of others’ thoughts and life-snippets.

Augmented Reality Mask: A project for Dark Arts Burlington VT

Following on the success of a previous augmented reality project, I created a digital mask for curator Deidre Healy‘s Dark Arts in Burlington, VT. This new piece, Mask, was based on the idea of those French-style masks with a rod that you hold over your face. I created a simple grotesque 3D model in Blender […]

Other data sources: The stock market as sentiment

Today Apple became more valuable to the stock market than Google. While the stock market doesn’t have a monopoly on defining value, the nature of trading stocks publicly makes for an interesting data source. Perhaps a data source that you can use to provide context to your own data gathering initiatives.

Google Adwords for Nonprofits Video

Image via CrunchBase Burlington Vermont community television CCTV recently did a live webcast with Matt Dunne, Google Community Affairs. In that webcast Matt covered a lot of the basics of the Google Grants program and how adwords can be used. Even if you are a for-profit business, this video might serve as a great introduction […]

Talking about web analytics at Blogworld

Image by gahlord via Flickr [This post is a preview of my October 15, 4pm Blogworld presentation on web analytics. For further detail click the speaker badge or the link in the next paragraph.] In a couple days I’m going to have a little over one hour to talk to Blogworld attendees about web analytics. […]