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You observe something happening. Maybe it’s something in your market. Maybe it’s something in your audience. But whatever it is get’s you to thinking “hey things could be a little better if…” These articles are about improving observation and gathering data so we can make things people like.

Three questions about your website — Google’s “Farmer” algorithm update, with real estate as an example

Will Google’s “Farmer” Algorithm update hurt the real estate agent and broker website rankings?

Live Webinar Thursday Jan 27th re: Google removing real estate from the map.

Image by Getty Images via @daylife The “Google removing Real Estate from the Map” has already happened. The audio and a written transcript is posted at Google Maps and Real Estate. Today Google announced that they’ll be pulling real estate off of the Google Map. A number of things all sort of start to coincide […]

Follow Friday: Eric Bryn

Finding and summarizing heavy academic and scholarly writings.

Follow Friday: Dale Chumbley

Want to see someone integrating social media marketing into the flow of their life/work? Follow Dale Chumbley.

Follow Friday: Sarah Faye Cohen

Librarians have been solving information-related problems since 300 B.C. Perhaps it’s time to follow one.

Observing Satisfaction on Twitter

Image by gahlord via Flickr For those of you who have reviewed my slide presentation on using web analytics with social media, you’ll notice that I have a minor addition to the usual Reach-Acquisition-Conversion consumer behavior model. That addition is Satisfaction. With social media, the customer’s ability to express satisfaction is significantly increased and also […]

Follow Friday: Karthik Srinivasan

Other countries have the same challenges in social media as we do in the US. Looking for insightful examples and case studies from another perspective? Here’s someone you should follow.

Social media without conversation

I recently had the opportunity to see Adrian Ho of Zeus Jones speak. His firm does exceptional things in marketing that are non-traditional and approach social marketing in a way that is seemingly at odds with many of the “Best practices” floating around. Here’s the video and below that is the slide deck.

Facebook changing business pages

Just a quick heads up that Facebook is changing some things about business pages. Here’s a slide deck to help you adjust: Fb Pages Transition Jan2010 View more presentations from Alisa Leonard-Hansen.

Two Yoast google-analytics-plugin hacks for WordPress

Image by Getty Images via Daylife I love WordPress. And I love Yoast’s Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It makes installation of GA so much swifter. And I really hate hacking plugins because that means I have to be careful when I upgrade them. But there are two things that really stick in my craw: […]