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Why do ad clicks not match up with Google Analytics data?

This is a question I get just about every week. Someone has an advertising distributor that charges by and reports by clicks. Those clicks don’t match up to the number in Google Analytics. Much worry ensues. Here’s my standard answer on this topic, it covers most sitatuations:   Ad clicks and GA data: Differences between […]

Failure and imagination

There are a large number of things wrong re: the situation with young electronics enthusiast Ahmed Mohamed being taken from school in handcuffs for bringing in an electronic clock. Those who are interested in innovation in America should watch this story closely. The thing I want to focus on in this article is the following […]

Pattern Recognition: Entryways

Anything that flows information or physical objects in one direction, can likely feed them in the other direction as well. Often this is clear and obvious, but in moments when time and attention are not available the “opposite direction” is less obvious. Learning to identify the pattern of Entryways can be useful in strategic considerations. In a defensive […]

Some data on a 100 day content project: listens

Followers of this blog have probably been wondering what has taken over the site for the past 100 days. The 100 Days of Bass project is a fun content experiment I’m running. Initial listen data for the project regarding listening behavior of the audience Data on listening is coming from Soundcloud’s analytics. I have a pro […]

Mobile and desktop usage patterns

Between February 2013 and April 2015 time spent online with a desktop machine remained steady, neither decreasing nor increasing noticeably. Time spent online with a mobile device increased during that time. The chart is sourced from Comscore

This chart shows the total number of minutes people spend online by device category–mobile or desktop. The dates are between February 2013 and April 2015, two years. I attempted to find the original Comscore post containing it but was unable to. The chart did, however, run in the Wall Street Journal so hopefully they sourced […]


Readtime: 4:22 ||| Part of the Nearline Series, this episode observing automated transport and large volume container ships.

Youtube, SEO, search, and conversion

A graphic showing how to align your business systems to get more value out Youtube.

A client of mine was wondering how best make use of Youtube in their thought leadership initiatives. This is something I’ve worked on for clients in several industries. There are several things at play: first 

Three Views of a Secret: Narrative Business

Narrative Business Books: Brand Delusions, Rock & Roll is Dead, High Probability Selling

Bookstores physical and digital are overflowing with business books. There are books of lists (N habits of etc etc, N laws of etc etc, and so on). There are books based on what a successful person thought made them successful. There books based on what consultants saw in their clients’ businesses over many years. But […]

Whether or not to make a page for something.

I’m working on a several information architecture projects at the moment and figured it might be useful to understand how I decide whether or not to create a page. Here’s a checklist that

Search, Social, and User Experience

User experience extends beyond the way things look and beyond the way things function. If we are to examine the entire user experience then how a “user” found the experience is a part of that. For example, if you were to hear about