This is a list of things that, once the Covid-19 thing is handled, are probably never going back. In no particular order.

  1. Buying toilet paper or other paper goods in a physical store.
  2. In-person house closings.
  3. Offices full of people who could work for home / viewing working from home as a perk.
  4. Non-essential work travel involving airline flights.
  5. Open-floor office plans.
  6. Schools/universities that are focused on a physical location.
  7. Department stores.
  8. Something you suggest in the comments below or bring to my attention on Twitter.

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  1. I think #2 needs to be reworded a bit. It sounds like you’re saying we’re never going back to full electronic house closings. I could have said this on Twitter, but I wanted to leave you a comment. 🙂

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