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The opportunity in Foursquare

I’ve written about the locative media service called  Foursquare and used it for awhile. Today Jeff Turner, a renowned non-Foursquarer ignited a fascinating discussion by people way smarter than me about how Foursquare is or is not useful. Here are my current thoughts on the topic.

Quick thoughts on using location services for marketing

How can you use Foursquare or Facebook Places for marketing?

Foursquare in #BTV

Image by Marty.FM via Flickr When I walked to work this morning there was snow on the ground. This means that people will soon be flocking to Vermont to get in some skiing. Those people flocking here may be Foursquare players. Here’s a quick intro tour to Foursquare for Burlington AKA Foursquare for #BTV.

Foursquare for Outlanders

Image via CrunchBase Don’t live in a big city? Want to live the highlife of Foursquare anyway? Here’s what I’ve done in my little outlander location of #BTV aka Burlington, Vermont.