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Mobile and desktop usage patterns

Between February 2013 and April 2015 time spent online with a desktop machine remained steady, neither decreasing nor increasing noticeably. Time spent online with a mobile device increased during that time. The chart is sourced from Comscore

This chart shows the total number of minutes people spend online by device category–mobile or desktop. The dates are between February 2013 and April 2015, two years. I attempted to find the original Comscore post containing it but was unable to. The chart did, however, run in the Wall Street Journal so hopefully they sourced […]

Knowledge, data, meaning and stuff.

How do I make use of all the data and information I get? I’m overwhelmed with information overload.

Improving Social Media via Web Analytics: Putting Conversion data in context

Putting Conversion data in context can provide a lot of insight into social media campaign performance.