Monthly Archives: June 2015

100 Days of Bass: Day 86

Looking down the neck of the Creston fretless.

Back on the fretless for today’s bassline.

100 days of bass: Day 85

Ibanez RB800, pickups and knobs swapped out.

Went for a simpler drum track on today’s 100 days of bass because the sloppy timing of my playing in the last couple days was killlllling me. Simple is good.  

100 Days of Bass: Day 84

Input jacks on the Gamma jazz bass

Another day, another bassline.

100 Days of Bass: Day 83

between the neck and the pickup on the Gamma electric bass

Something a little bluesy for today’s 100 days of bass.

100 Days of Bass: Day 82

Compressor needle hammering away.

Having fun with the recording tools a bit for today’s entry to 100 days of bass. Smashing the drum machine into bits with the compressor.

Days of Bass: 81

Today, as a variation, I spent the day mixing a bassline I recorded yesterday with my band. It’s different from coming up with a new thing. Instead, I was focusing very intensely on the line itself and how it fits with everything else — or doesn’t as the case may be. Definitely useful to do […]

Days of Bass: 80

neck of the Creston fretless

Working the Creston fretless over a variation of yesterday’s drum beat for today’s bass line. Hear as many of the 100 Days of Bass as you can stand.

Days of Bass: 79

Ibanez RB800 has a skinny neck

Working with a little bit of analog delay on this, the 79th day of bass.

Days of Bass: 78

Another day, another bass line. Cruising to the finish line on this!

Days of Bass: 77

gamma electric bass

Today I figured I’d take a break from the synth stuff and give a straight ahead groove thing for 100 days of bass.