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Napkin sketch: A news business model free from advertising

(Originally published in Sept 2015 but sadly still relevant.) We know that advertising in all its forms is cluttering and degrading our experience of the web. Great stories and bits of news are accompanied by six-packs of “26 gay celebrities, you’ll never believe #4!” and “Stop bellyfat with this great tip to end credit card debt!” […]

100 Days of Bass. Day One Hundred.

Here it is, last day of 100 Days of Bass. Hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I’ve enjoyed making them!

100 Days of Bass/Day 99

One more day to go. Letting the Creston fretless sound like a fretless in today’s 100 Days of Bass entry.

100 Days of Bass: Day 98

the bass pedal with the most knobs ever

A little more synthbass before 100 Days of Bass draws to a close.

100 Days of Bass: Day 97

Only three more days left in 100 Days of Bass.

100 Days of Bass: Day 96

Ibanez, 18" Eden, Glockenklang

Here’s the Glockenklang sounding clean for 100 days of bass.

100 Days of Bass: Day 95 with some bowed double bass

The 100 Days of Bass thing has eaten into my bowed bass practice time, as evidenced by this entry. But I figured I should put some in before we finish!

100 Days of Bass: Day 93

bridge on an ibanez rb800 bass

Gliding into the final week of 100 Days of Bass.

100 Days of Bass: Day 92

Just eight more entries in 100 days of bass and then we return to our usual postings. I hope you’ve been enjoying them.

100 Days of Bass: Day 91

sound comes out of the Ibanez RB800 from this hole.

Coming into the home stretch of 100 days of bass.