Monthly Archives: June 2015

Days of Bass: 76/100

Today’s 100 days of bass entry features music by my friend Doseone. Which is awesome. I added some synthy bass from my bass-guitar-driven-modular setup.  

Days of Bass: Three Quarters Through! 75/100

Modular synth reflected in the Creston fretless

I hadn’t planned on going with another modular-synth-driven-by-a-bass line today for 100 days of bass, but I got a screwy drum sound when I was setting up and just decided to go with it.  

Days of Bass: 74

Almost didn’t get this bass line in because my recording stuff was being all tweaky. Teaches me to upgrade the UAD device!

Days of Bass: 73

Today’s 100 days of bass entry features the band I’m in: Made by Robots. It’s a practice session so thanks to the band for letting me use this today.

Bass: 72/100

a knob on the Creston fretless

Today’s 100 Days of Bass entry features a modular synth patch I cooked up yesterday. I’m calling it “electricaliope.” It uses a bunch of wires to connect a resonant filter called Sisters, through a Euclidean rhythm generator to control how the resonances work, plus some attenuverters to change the pitches at which the filters resonate. […]

Days of Bass: 71/100

the lower horn of a Gamma bass

Groovin’ on through today’s entry for 100 Days of Bass

70/100 Days of Bass

For today’s 100 Days of Bass project home page entry,  I’ve got some parallel mixing of the bass tone with some modular synth stuff

100 Days of bass: 69

Continuing the dance beat on 100 days of bass. This time with bass-guitar-driven modular synth.

68: 100 Days of Bass

The curve at the neck on the Creston bass

I’m in a dance thing it seems. Probably a few more of these left for 100 days of bass.

100 Days of Bass: 67

Window reflected in the Creston Bass

Exploring the edges of dance for today’s 100 Days of Bass entry.