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100 Days of Bass: Day 94

fretless bass with solid state beef

I may not have lines on the fretless bass, but I do have a pencil. This is part of the 100 Days of Bass project.

Days of Bass: 79

Ibanez RB800 has a skinny neck

Working with a little bit of analog delay on this, the 79th day of bass.

Gahlord Dewald, President/Janitor of Thoughtfaucet, added as Mentor for NAR’s business accelerator program

NAR REach has added Gahlord Dewald to their roster of mentors. The program is designed to help emergent companies succeed at bringing valuable technology to market in the real estate industry. Gahlord was chosen as a mentor for his deep knowledge of technology and customer behavior in the real estate industry as well as his reputation […]

Burlington Vermont Snowday.

Warning: This post has no information related to marketing, communication, emerging technologies, SEO or Google or social media or anything. Instead, it has skiing. We got a lot of snow today. I got to work on cross country skis. This is how I would like to get to work every day.