Gahlord Dewald teaching an Interactive Web Design Course through Burlington Public Schools Continuing Education

Classic OPTE Project Map of the Internet 2005
Image by curiouslee via Flickr

Thoughtfaucet President/Janitor, Gahlord Dewald, will be teaching an introductory web design course for Burlington Public Schools this spring. The class is 10 sessions, from 6pm to 9pm on Thursdays starting February 4, 2010. The class meets at Burlington High School and is open to all ages.

This class will be helpful for:

  • Company employees tasked with updating and maintaining the company website.
  • Small business owners looking to make their own website
  • Anyone considering a career in web design
  • Workers who want to get a better understanding of how to make sites rank better in search engines (aka SEO)
  • Hobbyists and students who want to know more about how the web works

The goal is to get to be able to design and code functional website by the end of the course. Students will be using the same tools for web design and development as professionals. The class will make use of the Burlington Technical Center’s Careers in Design and Illustration Mac lab. All of the tools used have PC equivalents, so don’t be too frightened if you’ve never used a Mac.

Topics covered include:

  • How the web works
  • Hand-coding HTML
  • Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to implement great designs
  • Designing and developing for good SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Making content for the web: text, pictures, video
  • Advanced tricks and tips for web animation and other neat functionality
  • Understanding your web traffic: Installing web analytics software and understanding reports
  • Make a theme for the WordPress Content Management System (CMS)

It’s going to be fun. Students who complete all of their assignments will walk away from the course with a fully functional website and good foundation in web design. By the end of the course you’ll understand things like “XHTML/CSS W3C compliant code,” “Properly coded meta-tags and semantically structured content for SEO,” and “No. Flash isn’t the great satan, you just need to use it in the right way.”

If you want to take this course, call Pasquale DiLego (802) 864-8436. Class size is limited, so to reserve your space it’s best to let DiLego know you’ll be there.

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