Dogsharks animation to be a part of Prix Jeunesse International

A collection of Dogsharks® short animations titled, cleverly, “Dogsharks” will be showing at Germany’s Prix Jeunesse festival as part of the Media Bar and Discussion Pool. Thoughtfaucet’s Gahlord Dewald did the animation and much of the music work in collaboration with Dogsharks creator Robert Wurzburg.

These animations are part of a long collaboration between Dewald and Wurzburg in exploring the branding of the children’s media brand, Dogsharks. The collaboration has included work in puppet theater, animation, musical composition and improvisation, story and branding. Thoughtfaucet is, understandably, psyched to have participated in working with Wurzburg’s creation.

“Robert’s approach to story and character development is fearless in it’s embrace of the wide array of intelligences available to people of all ages. It’s exactly the sort of stuff I like working on,” Dewald said, of working with the Dogsharks’ creator. “It’s been a real pleasure to take part in bringing these characters to life in visual and musical terms as well as participating in the narrative process.”

Prix Jeunesse International is a festival put on by the Prix Jeunesse Foundation to help promote quality television for the young, worldwide. It wants to bring forward television that enables children to see, hear and express themselves and their culture, and that enhances an awareness and appreciation of other cultures. Prix Jeunesse International occurs every two years in Munich, Germany.

Dogsharks LLC is a children’s media brand based in Tribeca NYC USA.

Thoughtfaucet is a strategic creative services consultancy/maker based in Burlington, VT. Thoughtfaucet’s work involves on harnessing a observations and analysis to enhance creative processes and inform creative execution for a variety of industries including media/authorship, green technology and real estate (and a few spare outliers in other industries–because hey, why turn down an interesting project just because it doesn’t neatly lump in with all the others). Thoughtfaucet likes to simplify all that and just focus on making things people like in collaboration with it’s clients.

“Dogsharks” was written and directed by Robert Wurzburg, Animation by Robert Wurzburg and Gahlord Dewald, Editorial Advisor was Nanette Kuehn. Music: “Tickety Boo” Written by David Martin, Composed by Scott Hartley, Arranged & Performed by Wills Bates. “Whistler” Composed and Performed by Scott Hartley, Gahlord Dewald and Robert Wurzburg. “A Dogsharks Day” Composed and Performed by Gahlord Dewald, Robert Wurzburg and Bob Wolk. “The Dogsharks Macabre: a Saint Saëns Fantasy” arranged by Gahlord Dewald and Performed by Gahlord Dewald, Peter Lewy, Bob Wolk and Robert Wurzburg.

Client Liaison between Thoughtfaucet and Dogsharks was Robert Wurzburg.

Tools: Toon Boom Animate v1, Flash CS3, Logic Express, Good Old iMovie ’08, Adobe CS4, some Macbook Pros, Wacom tablets, paper, scissors, tape and so on. The phone and the internet too.

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