Thoughtfaucet apprentice perspective

Last year I was very fortunate to work with some excellent “apprenti.” I’m hoping to find one or two again this year. If you think this is something you might be interested in, consider applying to be a Thoughtfaucet apprentice.

Here’s what Liz Muroski, apprentice in event planning and public relations had to say about her time as a Thoughtfaucet apprentice:

Reflections of Thoughtfaucet Apprentice, Liz Muroski

Well first off, I can start by saying that apprenticing at Thoughtfaucet for seven months was one of the greatest experiences I had as a college student. When I was first hired as an apprentice I wasn’t exactly sure what direction I wanted to go in with my field of study and I have to say that this worked in my favor. During my time at Thoughtfaucet, I learned and experienced more than I ever expected and it wasn’t just about my field of study (public relations). It involved much more, such as how to build and maintain a strong network in my community, hosting events, improving communication skills, working with real-life clients, and even getting a handle on search engine optimization.

At Thoughtfaucet, my most valuable experience has been learning how to integrate various SEO methods and techniques with those in public relations. This is something that, no matter what your major is, you will learn when you’re a Thoughtfaucet apprentice. The second major experience you will have is how to build your own personal network. In the first couple of months alone I co-presented a Thoughtfaucet event, co-hosted a webinar about LinkedIn, became an event planner, and created my own website.

If there’s anything I can’t stress enough about having this apprenticeship, it was that Gahlord was more of a mentor to me than a boss. He presented me with many work opportunities while simultaneously using that time to train me and make sure that I both knew what I was doing and that I was comfortable with what I was doing. We were able to work together as a team and it was nice to know that what I was contributing was helping him and his company.

When I was working at Thoughtfaucet the possibilities really seemed endless. Gahlord went out of his way to make sure that I was learning as much as possible both relevant to my major and then some. It’s really amazing how much I learned and grew during my apprenticeship. Working at Thoughtfaucet not only helped me to grow as an individual but it also helped me to improve and maintain solid work ethics. By the end of my time with Thoughtfaucet, my confidence had improved and I really felt as if I had become a valuable asset to Gahlord and Thoughtfaucet [ed note: she really had, it wasn’t just her feeling.]

Being mentored, and relied on weekly to complete tasks, provided me with all sorts of opportunities and is definitely reason for these positive outcomes. I’m so thankful that I became such an integral part to such an efficient, creative and helpful team. If it weren’t for this apprenticeship and having the opportunity to experience all that I had then I definitely wouldn’t feel nearly as ready to step out into the real world as I do now. From the beginning, Gahlord warned me that I was going to learn a ton and that in doing so I was going to become “more awesome.” Today, because of those seven months of experience, I can honestly say that I not only feel “more awesome” but more confident, motivated and dedicated in all that I do, and it’s all thanks to my apprenticeship at Thoughtfaucet.

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