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  1. I am a little concerned about the algorithmic weight of the social layer and how results influence from the social layer are positions or blended into my search results. While I support the use of data retrieved from the conversations I directly have with others in the online, social arena I am not sure how valid level two (the conversations my connection have with others) is to me.

    Perhaps the heuristic approach to pinpointing search results for me are served in a minor way by examining the conversations between you and I it seems far removed how relevant to me your conversations are with others. With that I posit this, “limited algorithmic weight should be given to your social interactions sans my involvement to my search.” I also ask, “and how does this parallel in conventional (offline/historical) interaction?”

    Now perhaps we do need something similar to Klout wherein those who influence you more highly may cause you to write something that also influences me. If, however, you read something – and perhaps comment on it – but do not present anything which would influence me then the search results may be tainted with those results.

    Then again if I’m looking for carrots and the cabbage s right next to them along with a recipe for slaw …

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