Monthly Archives: February 2014

Makerspaces and Hackathons in Vermont

CodeForBTV: harnessing the energy of hack/make culture for civic betterment. Fellowship: coder applies to work in a city (like a code-focused peace corp). Awesome, but some issues: no real support, time, uprooted people, low scale projects, longevity--a free puppy. Brigade: steady, facilitate collaborations, no free puppies. Big Heavy World BTV Music Archive, Knight Foundation Grant to leverage BT Gigabit.

I was recently asked to do a “sketchnote” for a panel discussion in my town, Burlington Vermont. For those not up on the latest buzzwords, sketchnoting is basically doodling while an event is going and letting other people see your doodles. It has something to do with visual thinking. Or doodling. Either way it’s pretty […]