Monthly Archives: November 2011

Three views of a secret: Strategy

Two different viewpoints on what strategy is or isn’t plus one example of a specific action. Three perspectives to understanding strategy in the social sphere.

Three views of a secret: Social

Three articles with thoughtful and challenging approaches to social media.

Everything that can be measured, will be.

The concept “everything that can be digital, will be” brought disruption to business. This corollary will do the same.

Print vs digital is the wrong question

I was asked “how do business owners strike an effective balance between print and digital?” But answering that question wouldn’t really help much. Here’s how I responded.

Burlington VT Web Analytics Wednesday: SEO Edition

Aba and Jonathan from Dealer are going to be presenting at this month’s Web Analytics Wednesday. The topic is: “Up and to [the Right SEO Tactics]” 6:30 hangout begins 7:00 Aba and Jonathan present Followed by more geeking out Hosted here at Thoughtfaucet located in the Howard Space Center at 4 Howard Street Studio i3 […]

How To: Use the Twitter Favorites Button

Simple, easy, quick way to make Twitter a little bit more useful. Explained in detail for the curious minded. Includes strategic considerations.