Three views of a secret: Social

Word of Mouth (Jaco Pastorius album)

As the shine of social media dulls ever so slightly and we begin to examine it just a little more closely, there are ways of considering and using the tools that go deeper than “10 tips for Facebook” or “Best practices of Twitter.”

There are strategic considerations, sociological considerations, marketing considerations. Here are three articles that examine aspects and approaches to social media that I think you’ll find relevant, thoughtful and useful.

Your Facebook Friends are not Really Listening

In Jeff Turner’s request that the hype nozzle be squelched a bit, he applies some fancy math and some common sense to¬† some of the social metrics and measures that are getting tossed around.

On Colony Collapse

Matthew Shadbolt challenges the concept of the “strength of weak ties” in this essay that covers social tools, biology and the nature and meaning of human connection.

Stop Trying to Engage Your Audience

Included not only because I want to list my own work alongside the previous excellent works, but because it outlines a method for action and behavior in the social space.

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