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Coffee & Cars

  The other day my friend Matt Bushlow asked what he should do on his staycation. I suggested he come over to the Thoughtfaucet studio and learn how to do stop motion animation. He did. This is the result:

Dogsharks animation to be a part of Prix Jeunesse International

Thoughtfaucet worked on an animation piece that is showing as part of the Prix Jeunesse International 2010.

Happy Spring from the Dogsharks

An example of children’s animation and music by Thoughtfaucet.

Example: Animation Editing

Happy Holidays from the Dogsharks.

Gahlord Dewald to teach animation course at Burlington College

Image via Wikipedia Thoughtfaucet President/Janitor will be teaching “Introduction to Animation” for Burlington College this Spring. The class will meet at Thoughtfaucet on Pine Street in Burlington to make use of stop-motion and other traditional media production tools here. The course is a part of Burlington College’s successful Cinema Studies program. “I always enjoy teaching […]

Animated Bumper for the Vermont International Film Festival

Thoughtfaucet was pleased to create an animated bumper to go before select films at the Vermont International Film Festival in Burlington Vermont this year. Bill Simmon was client liaison for VTIFF.

Happy Halloween: Dogsharks Macabre

I spent the past several weeks working on this Dogsharks cartoon, writing and recording the music (based on Saint-Saens‘ Danse Macabre) as well as working on timing out the drawings and camera movements etc. Hope you enjoy it! If you like this one, perhaps you’ll like some of the others over at the main site […]