Tech trends from Stefan Swanepoel

I had the good fortune to catch Stefan Swanepoel give a talk on tech trends at BHGRE Fusion 2011.

Here’s my mind map.

Stefan Swanepoel's Tech Trends 2011 as filtered by my brain.

a mind map of Swanepoel's Tech Trends 2011

Click image for a bigger view.

Swanepoel on tech trends outline

  • Mobile
    • 10 billion devices in 2020 means two or more devices for everyone on earth
  • The cloud
    • Ability for wireless device somewhere else and do something. Storage, access, memory, search.
  • Some general technology thoughts
    • Cost is moving to free but time required is increasing
    • Social media is free in monetary perspective, but not time
  • Tagging is about finding, technology isn’t the important part
    • Tags
    • SEO
    • QR
    • Facial recognition
  • Backchannel
    • Event is the front channel
    • Back channel is the online simultaneous conversation
  • Social Q+A
    • Google isn’t good at answering questions–it gives search engine results, not answers
    • Questions and answers become the new finding mechanism
  • Group shopping
    • Bulk discounts outsourced to the crowd
  • Augmented reality
    • Determining fact from fiction
    • Scan and crossreference to availabe data sources
  • Location based services
    • Virtual loyalty cards
    • Geo social networking
    • Tagging
    • Example: reactive customer service based on lstening
  • Organization challenge

    • All of this technology is here today and has been for years.
    • You need to be ready to adopt it and use it.


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    Thanks for the presentation Stefan. High energy and good stuff.

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    Good stuff here!

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