Monthly Archives: April 2015

11 of 100 Days of Bass

More pedal fun the 100 Days of Bass with a low pass filter and distortion combination.

10% in to 100 Days of Bass

Here’s today’s bassline.

9/100 Days of Bass

100 days of bass keeps on rolling.

8/100 Days of Bass

Today’s bassline in the 100 Days of Bass of project has a rhythm track donated by Mariusz. Go give him some Facebook like!

7/100 Days of Bass

Wonder what reverb sounds like on a bass? Now you know. Part of the 100daysofbass project.

6/100 Days of Bass

Another day, another bass line.  

5/100 Days of Bass

Today some straight eighths for the 100 Days of Bass

Messing with pedals on day 4 of 100 Days of Bass

I’ve never really done much with pedals or outboard bass effects until the past four months or so. And in performance I don’t think I’ve ever used a pedal. But this weekend, I might break some out for one part of a song with my band Made by Robots. So today’s entry in 100 Days […]

Whether or not to make a page for something.

I’m working on a several information architecture projects at the moment and figured it might be useful to understand how I decide whether or not to create a page. Here’s a checklist that

Bass bass bass 3 of 100

Here we are, day 3. I think the thing that drives me crazy is not going back and perfecting it. I will keep telling myself that later, later I’ll go back and clean it up. But so far, much fun. More info on this project at 100 Days of Bass.