Monthly Archives: April 2015

21 of 100 Days of Bass

Getting ready for a trip where I’ll be away from my recording toys for a little bit. So today’s is the test run recording into Garageband for the iPad. Must say it’s a pretty fun way to sketch out a bassline.

Day 20: 100 Days of Bass

Getting another electric line in before the coming week, which will see a little travel and the debut in 100 days of bass of a somewhat unusual bass instrument. Meanwhile, get your groove on.

19/100 Days of Bass

Been a few days since I put a groover in for 100 days of bass, so here we are:

Day 18 of 100 Days of Bass

Today’s extra parts were donated by Tami Johnson of Studio Tangents. 100 Days of Bass is one of those internet projects. If you’re on social media and have creative friends you’ve probably seen some of the other things going out there. Lots of fun stuff.

Day 17 on 100 Days of Bass, on a rainy afternoon

Some fretlessy fretless to fit with the rainy afternoon here in Burlington. Huh? 100 days of bass project.

100 Days of Bass — Day 16 enter the upright

You knew it would happen sooner or later that I’d bring the big bass into 100 Days of Bass. Rhythm track by Mariusz, give his Fb page some love!

Day 15 in 100 Days of Bass

Changing it up from the usual groove feel a little in this bassline for 100 days of bass.

14 in 100 Days of Bass

More details on this bassly project are here. I hope my businessy readers are enjoying the break and also looking forward to the post where I talk about what this has to do with their interests (beyond hoping they get up and move around a little). 😉

13/100 Days of Bass

More bass. Lucky 13.

12/100 Days of Bass

Messing around with Euclidian rhythms in Day 12 of 100 Days of Bass.