100 Days of Bass: Musicians and Producers

If you are a music maker, feel free to download the 100 Days of Bass files and use them however you like–it’s just a simple straightforward bass line with no acrobatics. I set the Creative Commons to attribution only so you can use it in paid work etc without concern, just give me a shoutout and link if you can. If you do, let me know where you used it so I can link to your project.A lot of basses reflected in the neck plate of a bass.

When I’m all done  I might go back, clean them up, and make 2 minute “loops” from them so people can have some subtly varying bass parts to use in their productions. If you’re eager to use one, but I haven’t yet done any cleanup on it, or if you want separate tracks for drums and rhythm let me know. The originals are 98khz Logic files (and I can dump them out to AIF or WAV or whatever). For tracks where the beats/extra music have been donated I can only give you the bass line. If you want the extra stuff I’m happy to ask the donaters and see they want it.

Make beats or music? Send me a link to download and I’ll make a bassline for it. Otherwise you’ll all have to listen to my feeble 808/909 rhythm tracks for a couple months.

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