Inman’s Real Estate Connect and Agent Reboot NYC 2013 Twitter Hashtag, streamlined

Some friends and clients of mine asked me to streamline the Twitter channel for Inman News’ Agent Reboot and Real Estate Connect conferences.

Here is the streamlined hashtag. Please note that none of the retweets in this stream should be construed as endorsements or non-endorsements. I simply retweeted items from the main hashtag which contained anything I felt was “signal” (thoughts, observations, environment notes) and not so much “noise” (pitch, buy me, read me, conversational overhead).

I tried to sort it so that tweets about similar topics etc were put in order. Top of this list is the beginning of the conference week and then progresses on through the week.

Agent Reboot / Real Estate Connect 2013

Storified by Gahlord Dewald· Mon, Jan 21 2013 11:25:49

@JimDuncan @techwithtlc how about #sigRE. Then we can re-use it until it gets spamminated.Gahlord Dewald
@gahlord @JimDuncan Love it. Starting to spread the #sigRE gospel offline.Tara L Christianson
RT @HoulihanRE: Can’t make it to Inman Connect 2013? Our tumblr’s got you covered #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @mattdollinger: Those of you in NYC – REBarCamp NYC is on for January 15th. Spread the word! #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @RiversPearce: Rankings Aren’t What They Used To Be by @BoomTownROI Inbound Marketing Team. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @jonathanmiller: RT @bbhNYC: Takeaway from @jonathanmiller session: it’s not a housing recovery, it’s a pre-covery #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @bbhNYC: "Tight credit right now is essentially dropping inventory"-@jonathanmiller #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @NikkiBeauchamp: Please remember to turn off sounds on devices when in meetings and conferences 🙂 #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @perfectquarters: There r more iPad users at #REBCNY that any other tablet #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @StephLDavis: 10 Questions You Must Ask When Hiring a Social Media Consultant by @entmag #sigREGahlord Dewald
Heading over to Digital Analytics Association on #measure and mobile. Will be taking good notes but not on twitter sorry. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @RealEstateCafe: @gahlord Tried to get #REBCNY session talking re LatteVision but some agents dismissd the metaphor as demeaning #sigREGahlord Dewald
MT @TopBrokerOC: If you’re sick o Starbucks, there are plenty of places to get your morning coffee near Hyatt. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @AnthonyHitt: Former Century 21 President and CEO, Tom Kunz, Joins Engel & Völkers USA #sigREGahlord Dewald
Empathy – stop looking at consumer’s as leads. They’re people. Connect with their needs. – @1000wattmarc #sigREMike Ellis
RT @kerrybarger: .@nik_nik, so raw and genuine. I definitely felt your presentation today. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @PJoySiegel: It’s never too late to be who you might have been Great thought @nik_nik! #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @Garofalooo: @AgentReboot: "If you don’t have a call to action it’s time to make one." – @nik_nik #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @LindaDavis: Questions about your website 1. Is your platform responsive? @Nik_Nik Consider moving to WP #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @LindaDavis: #2 Is your branding obvious? @Nik_Nik #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @LindaDavis: #3 Is your content unique? @Nik_Nik #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @LindaDavis: 4. If you content is not unique, share YOUR story. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @LindaDavis: #4 Is your IDX home search worth using? #sigRE //!!!Gahlord Dewald
RT @LindaDavis: #5 Does your website have a call to action, if not create one to match your greatest strength. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @utahREpro: People want to connect with you, LET THEM! Show your personality! – @nik_nik #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @brandWendy: Do you want to be known for being good at work or being good at living? @niknik #sigREGahlord Dewald
“@CENTURY21: "When it comes to RE marketing, content isn’t king anymore. Relationships are king. Content is the queen." – @JimMarks #sigRE ”Jim Duncan
@TheMikeEllis @jimmarks disagree – content is king, relationships are queen but we all know who rules the kingdom 😉 #sigREJosh Wade
RT @LindaDavis: @JimMarks thinks he has adhwt – attention deficit hey what’s that #sigREGahlord Dewald
“@seancarp: Content w/out context is just words on a screen. U must talk 2ur audience where they are & when they are there. #agentrb” #sigREJim Duncan
RT @SamWhiteAU: RT @DarrenMcCoyRW: agree that conversation is king.. add that conversion AND tracking is king #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @LeightonDees: Digital Leakage = the Internet pushing outside its boundaries. The future of "online" is "offline" @katielance #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @NikkiBeauchamp: Have a strategy. Don’t be haphazard @katielance #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @sociable_agent: @Chris_Smth if Brad Pitt doesn’t look good in a Bluetooth, neither will any realtor. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @TeriConrad: @Chris_Smth more interested in PEOPLE than technology. < ME TOO! #sigREGahlord Dewald
Using #sigRE simply for "signal" not pos/neg/endorsed etc, @reneefishmanGahlord Dewald
@doverbEy getting online conversation is more difficult – *because* it’s more difficult than sharing or liking. #sigRE @TeriConradJim Duncan
RT @LisaArcher: About to blow up the audience is @Corcoran_Group Matthew Shadbolt, love him #sigRE Dewald
RT @Corcoran_Group: Many thanks @SeanCarp for filming: ‘Three Social Innovation Trends Worth Watching in 2013’: #sigREGahlord Dewald
“@nobuhata: "What’s NOT happening on Facebook is infinitely more interesting…" @corcoran_group #agentrb” #sigRE [such as?]Jim Duncan
RT @MauraNeill: There’s no room for 3- or 4-star reviews anymore. Don’t deliver anything less than amazing. @Corcoran_Group #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @BuzzBuzzHome: Attention: it’s @Corcoran_Group at #ICNY #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @BHGKCLiberty: Think ROA (Return On Amazing) not ROI @Corcoran_Group #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @NikkiBeauchamp: Listening to @Corcoran_Group present at #agentrb #sigRE Dewald
RT @MauraNeill: "Stop playing catch-up; start playing innovation." @Corcoran_Group #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @MauraNeill: Focus your efforts and your content on what your customer wants right now. In the moment. @Corcoran_Group #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @NikkiBeauchamp: Context to data is important. Data doesn’t tell the whole story. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @MauraNeill: "Display advertising’s time has passed; it’s time to get creative." @Corcoran_Group #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @JanieC: Matthew Shadbolt of @Corcoran_Group giving a fantastic presentation on being relevant and valuable #sigRE Dewald
RT @JeffGeoghan: "It’s never been easier to be average" – wisdom from @corcoran_group #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @TuckerWanna: Features are never products. Time to make disproportionally amazing products. #SigREGahlord Dewald
RT @MauraNeill: Storytelling is at the heart of communities. Your marketing should be about telling stories. @Corcoran_Group #sigREGahlord Dewald
"It’s either excellence or obscurity". Great words from the huge heart of @Corcoran_Group Genius Matthew Shadbolt yesterday #icny #sigREPeter Brewer
RT @RebeccaChandler: If all your marketing is getting trashed, you’re sending out trash. Send something worth reading. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @TeriConrad: I knew it would be good! @Corcoran_Group! Three Social Innovation Trends Worth Watching in 2013: #sigREGahlord Dewald
“@seancarp: Did you miss @Corcoran_Group session at#AgentRB? 3 Social Trends Worth Watching in ’13? Here it is: #sigREJim Duncan
RT @debra11: REMEMBER: "The way agents consumer technology/apps is DIFFERENT than consumers." via Susan Daimler, Buyfolio #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @laffeyfinehomes: RT @mariababaev: I had a great time today listening to the speakers at @AgentReboot! #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @Rich_Barton: Looking forward to being on stage today w/@BradInman at @InmanConnect. Tweet me questions now to help me prep #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @Hubzu: Start-Up Alley is abuzz! @InmanNews @InmanConnect #sigREGahlord Dewald
The root of all that ills the real estate transaction (& all things associated with it) are politics. And money. #icny #SigREJim Duncan
RT @gregrobertson: “It’s possible to be an ethical salesperson and successful” -Richard Steinberg. So refreshing. Great panel. #sigRETara L Christianson
RT @TopBrokerOC: Don’t like the way you look on video? Get used to it…it’s the way you look in real life! #sigRE cc: @JoeSchuttTara L Christianson
“@techwithtlc: RT @TopBrokerOC:’s the way you look in real life! #sigRE cc: @JoeSchutt” disagree. Video enhances some features!Joe Schutt
RT @MirandaOpiela: The consumer has moved towards "on demand". I think that can be applied to any product or service. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @hawaii: Great talk by @reshmasaujani of @GirlsWhoCode at #ICNY. Took notes for my team: #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @TuckerWanna: Even though TV viewership is rising, is it the TV or just video that is the reason? @brianstelter #sigREGahlord Dewald
"Focus on product, culture & organization. We wasted time on business plans, when the product sold itself" – @PeteFlint #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT ?@carolfarrar Real Estate Trends: Inventory is very limited right now. Markets across the country are facing this problem. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @ricozweers: @gerben_vandijk uitgezocht. Veel leegstand in #NYC maar is probleem van de marktpartijen. Overheid doet niks! #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @tehchad25: There is a thought to post the company P&L on the office wall for all employees to see. I think it’s a good idea! #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @RebeccaChandler: Listings [are] not a marketing strategy. You are drowning in data. Your personal brand must stand out. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @rewca: #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @RealEstateCafe: #LatteVision = Paperless3.0? @bradInman challenged RE to eliminate paper ’96 & ’05 #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @Chavih: RT @FischRealEstate: The latte vision assumes the customer experience revolves around documents #sigRE //!!!Gahlord Dewald
RT @REcaker: @gahlord @MirandaOpiela aka the future of retail is to become a vending machine repair expert. #sigREGahlord Dewald
I don’t think the real estate transaction *should* be simplified to a matter of seconds. #sigREJim Duncan
Me either. Too many pitfalls. @JimDuncan: I don’t think the real estate transaction *should* be simplified to a matter of seconds. #sigREBerry Enloe
AGREED…turn on your brain! RT: I don’t think the real estate transaction *should* be simplified to a matter of seconds. #sigRE @JimDuncanTina Hallberg
RT @gahlord: RT @MirandaOpiela: The consumer has moved towards "on demand". I think that can be applied to any product or service. #sigRECynthia Hoskins
RT @dennisplintz: A thought. The "Latte" experience isn’t what consumers really want. They already think its too easy for brokers. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @rebeccajensen: Keeping it real, Fisch. RT @FischRealEstate: Our office is committed to adding more paper to the experience. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @meg_inman: Who doesn’t love @phxreguy in a suit and tie? @zillow #NASDAQ #ICNY cc: @LauraMonroe #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @zetaz: RT @julietambussi: So inspired by "Women Hold Up Half the Sky" by Reshma Saujani of Girls Who Code at Real Estate Connect! #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @gahlord: RT @hawaii: Great talk by @reshmasaujani of @GirlsWhoCode at #ICNY. Took notes for my team: #sigREBob (Robert) Watson
RT @MikeMcHomes: I sure hope tomorrow is a lot better. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @Kenny_Truong: #NewYork #streetscene #taxicabs #nightlife @ Grand Hyatt New York #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @spotonconnect: So glad I got the chance to meet "the" @sherrychris at the cocktail party. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @thatpeterbrewer: Life changing conversation with @amychorew at #ICNY 🙂 Thank you for your generous wisdom Amy! #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @coldwellbanker: Day 2 at ICNY #sigREGahlord Dewald
only 2 companies that have focus on #relationships IMO are @contactually & @blockavenue (via @reneefishman) #sigREJim Duncan
RT @JulieZiemelis: "Predictive analytics is going to change the nature of what we do" -Starting the day off at Day 2 of #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @utahREpro: Day 2 of #ICNY kicks off with @bradInman #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @RobinSuwe: Strong traffic growth on zillow, move and trulia indicates a stronger US real estate market. #sigRE //not endorsing, only rtGahlord Dewald
RT @debra11: Collaborative Search allows smoother partnering between agents &amp; consumers via technology. via @SteveHBerkowitz #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @ruthobih: RT @NikkiBeauchamp: Kicking off #icny day two @ INMAN Real Estate Connect REC #sigRE Dewald
RT @FischRealEstate: The app should be co-branded to desktop too #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @pesmou: All white guy start-up panel ICNY. #changetheratio #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @reneefishman: #newkidsontheblock @inmanconnect needs to be run like @nytm – short demos instead of explanation #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @pathigginsc21: RT @RobinTaylorRoth: Listings with floorplans get lots more views. Check out MagicPlan in the app store. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @InmanConnect: New Kids On The Block panel #ICNY #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @MauraNeill: Conspicuous lack of women on stage for Start-Up Alley (& at Connect in general). Not okay! #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @LisaArcher: “@debra11: All the #NKOTB names and companies from the ICNY stage!! [pic]” #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @reneefishman: #revester app helps agents find deals for investors in MLS. not sure I get their USP … #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @RobinTaylorRoth: collates MLS investment listings, & calculates ROI to help investors ID the best deal. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @reneefishman: I’m un-wowed by current crop of new apps presented at #icny – too many gimmicks. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @TeriConrad: Facebook search graph was a timely announcement for @Curaytor @Chris_Smth #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @CwKrisstina: Nine startups offer glimpse into the future of real estate #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @RobinSuwe: @blockavenue meshes people, places & neighborhoods to help understand how it is to live in a area. Cool concept! #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @JenAWarden: love that so many "new kids" want to improve consumer/agent experience. Brad Inman is on it: we need Girls Who Code. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @JulieZiemelis: @MauraNeill @debra11 @BradInman Are there no women creating cool tech tools for the real estate space? #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @pesmou: @gahlord to be fair, ICNY yesterday featured @GirlsWhoCode’s @reshmasaujani today featured a couple more diverse panels. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @utahREpro: Michelle Serro, Debbie Brackeen talking how big companies and startups should work together. #sigRE Dewald
RT @RobinSuwe: Airbnb has used design to increase credibility in the rental process. How could design thinking be used by realtors? #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @ChristinaKroner: @RobinSuwe good start for realtors is FOCUS – Im also guilty of attacking too many projects. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @LauraMonroe: Real estate needs "Chief Design Officers"! Love what Citi Ventures Debbie Brakeen said. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @TuckerWanna: Citi meets with 100’s of startups a year to find connections for collaboration. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @HavertownRealty: Chief designer and data scientist. Functionality and accuracy? #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @reneefishman: "customer experience" seems to be the buzzword of #icny #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @TuckerWanna: Make sure the big company doesn’t hijack your roadmap. This comes by being strong and having clarity of your vision. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @TuckerWanna: Uh oh… #ICNY has been hijacked by the porn bots… UGH #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @reneefishman: The reason no company will "disrupt housing" is that the problem issues differ across markets. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @MikeMcHomes: This is Inman? Where’s the technology? #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @debra11: Partnering = Intentionally connecting to LEARN from one another. shared by @micheleserro about relationship w/Citi. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @TuckerWanna: Develop 1) strong and trusting relationship &amp; 2) strategic alignment of mutual interests and how it makes sense. #sigREGahlord Dewald
“@gahlord: RT @reneefishman: off-topic, it is FREEZING in the main room at #icny – my hands are numb! #sigRE” agrees!Janie Coffey
RT @TuckerWanna: Maintain alignment of expectations between startup and big company. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @mattbeall: The diction/vernacular/colloquialisms of the startup and VC "space" is fascinating. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @phil_sveum: Real estate companies filling the role of an "incubator" for agents growing their businessmoving toward independence? #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @gregrobertson: @InmanNews the agenda on the site is down. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @peterjcimino: BETA BROKERS! #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @utahREpro: Ryan from Do Good Real Estate runs a philanthropic model; they donate 20% of each commission to a local non-profit. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @utahREpro: Do Good actually allows the client to pick the non-profit they want to give to. Most popular are animal organizations. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @DMPInc: Real estate trend: socially conscious real estate firms. Do-Good Real Estate donates part of commission to charity #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @utahREpro: Brad raises the sacred commission question. Ryan says the giving actually is their built-in marketing program. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @gahlord: RT @MichellePoccia: Guess who? #ICNY #sigREJoanna Williams
RT @richardsilver: Let’s hear it for Sherry Chris’ shoes! @sherrychris @amychorew #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @kerrybarger: Definitely appreciate Do Good’s philanthropic model – strongest way to keep strong ties with the local community. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @JoeSchutt: Beta-Brokerages Panel. #Icny Check out to learn more about them. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @DMPInc: Established Red Oak Realty gets reimagined in SF Bay Area. Success factor was introducing change gradually #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @utahREpro: Your vision has to match your agent’s vision or they are gone… #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @DMPInc: What makes Red Oak Realty successful? Taking time to make sure your vision as broker matches agents’ vision! #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @TuckerWanna: This new real estate brokerage has created a coworking real estate space for their agents to increase collaboration. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @NuHabitat: After being at Inman ICNY, I am more convinced than ever that brokerages in Houston are stuck in traditional ways #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @utahREpro: Justin Hawaii Life : their new show on HGTV has brought more traffic to their site than anything else they have done. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @DMPInc: Innovative brokerage tip: Hawaii Life focuses on technology and search. User Experience starts w/search #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @david_marine: What? A TV show drives traffic to websites? Unheard of…#sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @utahREpro: #QOTD "Show me the listings!" – Justin at Hawaii Life Real Estate #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @JoeSchutt: Beta-Brokerage Panel real estate is all about the customer experience while using technology. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @DMPInc: Search is the start of the real estate relationship. Respect that and deliver on effective search to win customers #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @TuckerWanna: @Hawaiilife brokerage stripped down everything but searching + has made that search experience amazing. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @DMPInc: Broker of tomorrow: Think of yourself as tech &amp; marketing co that practices real estate #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @amychorew: @sherrychris hosting the betabroker panel with our very own Leighton Dees #BHGRE #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @craigschaid: RT @amychorew: Ironically our newest agents are our youngest agents @leightondees #BHGRE #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @kerrybarger: Dees on agent/broker relationship: where do we draw line btwn force-feeding tools and setting agents up for success. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @DMPInc: Online real estate user experience increasing driven by touch. Innovate &amp; evolve to stay ahead. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @susanharrison: Rethinking traditional computers in a brokerage because most agents just want to get on the cloud #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @JoeSchutt: @Msqrealestate is rethinking the Mac workstations they have for their office since the agents are all in the cloud. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @DMPInc: killer app of 2012 for M Squared Realty: Control panel for open houses. Don’t get too excited – it’s proprietary! #sigREGahlord Dewald
@nobuhata I think that stuff being proprietary to the broker is good. See also: #icny #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @LauraMonroe: @gahlord @dmpinc saw this app, it’s amazing! #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @nobuhata: @gahlord Yeah as long as brokers let those proprietary items shine. That’s the biggest problem they have. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @reneefishman: RE/Max in-house lead mgmt system tracks leads received through its website; shows agents where people are looking #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @DMPInc: Tech savvy brokerages view offices as client meeting centers. Think living rooms not cubicles! #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @HomeSeekers: Real estate offices are no longer for agents, they are Client Centers. Sofas, touch screens & espresso machine. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @larrydunbar: @gahlord @HomeSeekers Yeah, and then there is the real world. #sigREGahlord Dewald
Stop stereotyping the social media mgr at brands as the intern. It’s not accurate. Also not every CEO should b on social. #icny #sigREDavid Marine
Attending #icsf and missed this mornings sunrise? I got it covered for you in a time lapse. #sigre cc @Chris_SmthPeter Brewer
RT @NikkiBeauchamp: "The World at Your Fingertips " ( Go #nyctech ! ) #nyc #sigREGahlord Dewald
Read more about Rebelmouse at Inman News #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @LindaDavis: Broker of tomorrow: Tech marketing company that practices real estate #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @infosam: The video gadget geeks take the stage with Karl Zeiss’ Cinemizer 3D virtual immersion goggles. #sigRE Dewald
RT @TuckerWanna: advice to entrepreneur starting up… Nobody will take you seriously if you don’t have developer skills with you. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @matthew_holder: "If you don’t have technical talent with you, you won’t get funded" – so true, go find that tech co-founder now #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @susanharrison: Most people know good design when we see it, we just don’t know how to execute it @haikudeck amen to that #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @ericbryn: @stephpfef Rockin’ the #ICNY main stage #LeadingRE #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @TuckerWanna: advice for entrepreneurs: actually solve a problem that you have now. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @JoshuaPatz: RT @coldwellbanker: Worrying about change and procrastination takes more energy than just going for it! #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @LindaDavis: Create presentations – Simplify one idea at a time, use high impact photos, style matters. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @LoCoHeather: Only drawback to @haikudeck is notifications popping up during presos. It’s happened to me while using it too! =) #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @KellyMitchell: 2) Support ur ideas with high impact photo 3) Style Matters – Be Consistent @AdamTratt @HaikuDeck #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @scottsdixon: @LindaDavis Hm…real estate expertise should remain #1 focus. Tech should be used to create efficiency & advantage. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @LindaDavis: On the right is Craig Newmark, founder of Craig’s List. #icny” #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @LisaArcher: Your friends may not help you get a job but your friends of friends will be the ones to help you out. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @RealtyQueenTO: So excited to hear the owner of #craigslist speak at #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @pesmou: @bradInman – founder @inmannews, @vook – runs a great conference. Interesting speakers; fast-moving; provocative. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @pesmou: @craignewmark on stage talking about the importance of 2nd degree connections in job searches. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @bill_lyons: Craigslist Founder Craig Newmark #sigRE Dewald
RT @PatPichette: Great thing to remember "People want to talk to the CEO and the brand not just the intern" @katielance #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @utahREpro: The 2013 #ICNY burger run! @ Rare Bar &amp; Grill Lexington #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @iSlutsky: Who wants a burger at #ICNY when you can have Montreal style deli at Mile End?! #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @DavidPylyp: person: “If you’re such a great Team of Agents, why isn’t your assistant calling?” I said, “That’s exactly why!. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @PAR_Diana: A woman in the bathroom stall next to me earlier took a sales call. That’s dedication! #sigRE #realestateGahlord Dewald
RT @lauriewdavis: Hanging with Inman Badassadors @utahREpro and @seancarp on the burger run 🙂 #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @TopBrokerOC: tech guys spent 40 minutes sound checking ballroom 2 and sound for @1000wattbrian is so weak it’s hard to hear. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @JeffGeoghan: Gentleman from company pitching an HTML 5 website has Flash components on the site he referred as an example. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @ChristinaKroner: Agent breakout session ICNY talking about html5, augmented reality & next level engagement #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @JoeSchutt: Every part of your Website should have a purpose for your business #sigREGahlord Dewald
Yessiree ! RT @gahlord: RT @JoeSchutt: Every part of your Website should have a purpose for your business #sigREBob (Robert) Watson
RT @reneefishman: "every section of your website should serve a utilitarian purpose that your competitors don’t offer" #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @DMPInc: Real estate technology challenge: overcoming history of distrust in real estate tech due to empty promises. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @LindaDavis: News alert!! :-). Sometimes brokers and their agents don’t like each other. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @CarolineinSOMA: @KellyMitchell Love how you describe agent to agent relationships as COOP-ETITION! #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @ericbryn: @kevinkaplan @tflan @gumps24 rockin’ #ICNY #LeadingRE #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @coralgundlachRE: hearing about augmented reality apps, we’re already doing! Let me know if you want to use it. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @seancarp: @DanTroup from @ReMax in MI says his agents are "doubling down" on video. Starting 2C some great attention from people #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @ZillowforPros: A product can be any 2 of – fast, easy or cheap #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @HomeSeekers: Improve the perception of your real estate brand by replacing black & white paper copies with technology. #sigREGahlord Dewald
Another quick pause to note that my tweets to #sigRE are unattached to endorsement or non-endorsement.Gahlord Dewald
RT @david_marine: Stop worrying about which tech to use. Ask what you want your consumers to do & I guarantee it can be built. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @swestney: "The tools that work best are the ones that are integrated." @DanTroup #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @sociable_agent: OH at ICNY : "In 2012, everyone who had no job decided to call themselves a social media consultant" #sigREGahlord Dewald
Ha! RT @gahlord: RT @sociable_agent: #ICNY : "In 2012, everyone who had no job decided to call themselves a social media consultant" #sigRERebecca Jensen
“@AHellmanDC: I am geeking out over all the stuff coming out of #ICNY.” [what’s most valuable to you so far? #sigRE ]Jim Duncan
@JimDuncan I’m really interested in the roll out of these new products like @HomeLightApp, @CuraytorDotCom, and @contractually #sigREAlyssa Hellman
Interesting RT @jeffbullas: #Google Becomes More Social And It’s Hurting Your Business #SocialMedia #SMM #SEO #sigRETara L Christianson
RT @copyblogger: The content creators will soon own the real estate agents and brokers. Not a threat, just reality. #sigRETara L Christianson
RT @PawloskyTeam: Great advice! RT @coldwellbanker: Transparent behavior shouldn’t be confused with over sharing. #sigREGahlord Dewald
“@YsGuy: RT @LindaDavis: First question for a foreign buyer – Do you have a banking relationship with a US Banker? #icny – SO true!” #sigREJim Duncan
RT @ONESIR: @sothebysrealty President, Philip White on the importance of knowing details of the EB5 Visa at ICNY #sigRE Dewald
RT @ToddBGreen: “@Zilbert: Read about the Know Your Customer law, from the Patriot Act –" #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @JoeSchutt: Want to grow your global real estate business? Network with financial planners, not other agents. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @Zilbert: Read about the EB5 visa for foreign investors in the USA – #sigRE – Dewald
RT @Corcoran_Group: ICNY World’s worst question being asked right now #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @KellyMitchell: Some agents go to foreign countries to network to try to build clientele. Huge investment n no guaranteed. #SigREGahlord Dewald
RT @amychorew: “@NikkiBeauchamp: @Corcoran_Group CEO Pam Liebman and Patricia Warburg Cliff REC” #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @areaa: RT @sothebysrealty: "Join trade organizations such as @areaa to understand and attract international buyers" #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @HomeSeekers: "Micro marketing to consumers is key once you know what they want." @DanTroup #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @dsiroty: Huskey: CB France @LaurentDemeure is example of one w passion. He networks on social without asking for business. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @TopBrokerOC: "Relationships play a very important part in selling high end real estate." icny luxury panel #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @NikkiBeauchamp: Have a team , finding resources for your foreign buyers – great attorney, financial advisor. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @HoulihanRE: Golden rule: Never say something you don’t know. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @NikkiBeauchamp: Be an expert at what you do. If you don’t know something, perhaps best to refer out @shaunosher #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @SeattleDivas: Whoo hoo! Finally a whole panel of power gals on the big stage at ICNY Love it! #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @nieuwbouw20: Annelou de Groot live on stage icny #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @Corcoran_Group: One of my favorite people in real estate takes the stage. You’ll want to listen to Maria Babaev here #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @amychorew: @mariababaev speaking About attracting international buyer #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @susanlewis: its more than the client and work its a lifestyle! #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @MariekevanDalen: Benieuwd naar de Nederlandse inbreng van Dynamis! #sigRE Dewald
RT @Melki_Ko: @Garofalooo I’m loving the 3rd day ICNY my favorite so far! #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @reneefishman: local search engines in other countries don’t index websites that are not in local language. #sigRE ///lots of SEO issuesGahlord Dewald
RT @reneefishman: many foreign buyers speak English &amp; come with advisors @mariababaev #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @Halstead: Web text of listings in other languages essential in attracting foreign buyer (multi lingual agents must translate) #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @JoeSchutt: You can have all the tools to market your listing but you need to have dialogue. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @GoogleRE: @coldwellbanker CEO Budge Huskey says online is THE way to attract international buyers. Heard at ICNY c @david_marine #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @Halstead: "We sell apartments to global buyers through video " – Diane Ramirez #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @tflan: “@Halstead: "We sell apartments to global buyers through video " – Diane Ramirez #icny” [And mobile – great insight!] #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @Halstead: "Our affiliation with @leadingre essential in selling to international buyers" – Diane Ramirez #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @TopBrokerOC: Want to market real estate globally? Think video and mobile. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @LindaDavis: Think video, think mobile – key attraction for global buyers. #sigRE Doesn’t seems much different than US buyers, huh?Gahlord Dewald
RT @susanharrison: The international buyer has been attracted to video long before we realized how important it is #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @nieuwbouw20: ICNY how to attract the global buyer #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @Halstead: "Think mobile for international buyers, 1 billion smart phone globally" – Diane Ramirez #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @TopBrokerOC: Realtor Trulia Zillow are portals international buyers use to access US properties #SigREGahlord Dewald
RT @ChristinaKroner: Power women panel at @InmanConnect discussing how to market your listings globally ICNY #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @JanieC: The importance of beautiful photo and video is crucial for attracting international buyers to listings says the panel #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @JoeSchutt: Translate square feet into square meters to make it easier for your global audience. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @TopBrokerOC: Have a fabulous video of yourself to market your personality to global realestate buyers #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @Corcoran_Group: OH at ICNY: "Get more listings, make everything look awesome, and know what you’re talking about" #sigh #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @tkjellander: These women are dropping amazing bits of global business knowledge… bradinman moderates — #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @reneefishman: amazing tip from @janet_immobel do search in foreign language for homes in your city. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @CENTURY21: "To attract international buyers, don’t use abbreviations in your listing descriptions." #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @wheretolive: marketing to international buyers: avoid abbrevs in descriptions because online translation sites can’t handle them. #sigREGahlord Dewald
YES YES YES YES YES // RT @gahlord: RT @InmanConnect: The way your property looks online is the absolute key – @mariababaev #sigREDanielle Garofalo
RT @RobinTaylorRoth: Many buyers of Miami properties are from South America (Brazil, Venezuela). They love the location. #sigRE @miamismGahlord Dewald
RT @ChristinaKroner: Proud to have @richardsilver on the Inman100 representing #Toronto #Canada at ICNY #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @utahREpro: Great story from @ines about a foreign buyer showing up with a backpack full of cash! #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @Corcoran_Group: ICNY @Ines is tweeting during the panel #whyweloveher #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @ines: @Corcoran_Group @nobuhata thank you 🙂 #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @RobinTaylorRoth: Danielle Grossenbacher, Senior VP, Brown Harris Stevens: define your buyers &amp; what they want to buy. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @ASmarterERA: Targeting global buyers: to attract concentrate on only one market/segment/country. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @RobinTaylorRoth: @richardsilver: How properties are bought & sold differ vastly. Know what global customers may expect. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @dennisplintz: Understanding and being prepared to manage expectations of international clients #protip @richardsilver #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @LindaDavis: richardsilver at icny. My fellow baby boomer blogger. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @reneefishman: off-topic, it is FREEZING in the main room at #icny – my hands are numb! #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @reneefishman: some of the international affiliations mentioned for #realestate #FIABCI #ICREA #AREAA #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @mgeokezas: global is growing – sellers are asking for global exposure #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @ChristinaKroner: Talking about Global referrals at ICNY #Toronto #Canada @richardsilver #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @kwri: – great resources to tap into global market from NAR #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @RobinTaylorRoth: Stephanie Pfeffer, Executive VP, Luxury Portfolio International: Advertise in targeted international ‘zines. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @gahlord: RT @TopBrokerOC: Have a fabulous video of yourself to market your personality to global realestate buyers #sigRE #icnyRenée Fishman
RT @RobinTaylorRoth: Howell: Our social media don’t work in China, because they’re blocked. Have their own versions (in Chinese). #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @RobinTaylorRoth: Ross: Financing is difficult. May have to put 40% down, $100K on deposit + 12 months of payments. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @RobinTaylorRoth: Ross: Have foreign buyers speak with a tax professional who is familiar with offshore transactions. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @RobinTaylorRoth: Mak: Use market analysis to demo how realistic price is. Do pre-inspections& contractor quotes: negotiate price. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @ASmarterERA: @CharlieYoungERA, our CEO, on an ICNY panel about selling realestate in a global market. #sigREGahlord Dewald
"@reneefishman: off-topic, it is FREEZING in the main room at #icny – my hands are numb! #sigRE" uh huh brrrr!Susan Harrison
Now is a good time to note that my posts to #sigRE are not endorsements, agreements (or vice versa). Simply RTs of tweets with signal.Gahlord Dewald
RT @dsiroty: @timamak of CB Westburn is huge hit. Pre-listing inspection helps Chinese handle cultural negotiations difference #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @RobinTaylorRoth: Mak: Accountants more important than lwyr. Diff tax laws for principal residence, 2nd home, investment property. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @RobinTaylorRoth: Jochem Geheniau, Director & Board Member, Holland Gulf C of C: People in Persian Gulf are underserved in USA. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @RobinTaylorRoth: Mak: Know if the true buyer is the child or the parent. Parent will not do much online, but will text. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @SeabassMiami: RT @sothebysrealty: Read Philip White’s blog on How to Attract Global Buyers @ONESIR #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @RobinTaylorRoth: Geheniau &amp; Mak: Provide extra services (pick up @ airport, hire driver &amp; cook, take shopping). #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @GaryZalepa: @richardsilver on panel for how to connect with international buyers,leverage conferences #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @nieuwbouw20: just uploaded @gahlord #icny. // was great talking with you! We speak the same language: data. #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @gahlord: RT @VORMHolding: @bradinman and Boris Geheniau @nieuwbouw20 together at #ICNY #NYC #sigREShirley Vecht
RT @lauramonroe: ICNY take away &gt; build metrics and read your data, be Neighborhood Ambassadors, provide context in lifestyle, #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @reneefishman: focus on customer experience – moves away from "social media" to engaging in people’s lives #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @Chavih: Super stars of icny debriefing the @inmannews conference w/ @debra11 #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @RebeccaChandler: Technology is a tool to build relationships. Not tech for tech’s sake #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @LisaArcher: Focus on your passion [ICNY recap] #sigREGahlord Dewald
RT @greenboxhomes: Thanks @LindaDavis for your ICNY tweets. They were solid, not about how great your clique is or where you partied. #sigREGahlord Dewald
@gahlord Appreciate that you’re streamlining the experience for those of us following from afar (for the info). Thanks bud. #sigREKevin Pellatiro
A bit sad to see the #ICNY and #sigRE signals go darkKathleen Buckley
RT @DMPInc: Thanks for another great Real Estate Connect! Looking forward to SF. @BradInman, @InmanNews, #sigREGahlord Dewald
New York puts on her best look here: Farewell #icny #sigre Thank You!Peter Brewer
RT @joshheppner: RT @gregrobertson: “@VendorAlley: Inman Connect New York – A Recap #vendoralley” #sigREGahlord Dewald
#sigRE ICNY complete archive via @lisaarcherGahlord Dewald

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