Improving Social Media via Web Analytics: Observations about Acquisition

Getting Started, Getting Better: Social Media and Web Analytics Slide 17

Here’s a fun one, Acquisition. Say you’ve got tons of followers. Lots of fans on Facebook or whatever other network you’re using. How do you know if it’s helping, or what’s helping?

Here are some things we can do to measure acquisition. You can observe people coming to your own site from your social media sites. In your analytics reports you can simply look at the traffic source reports and find out. Using a technique called campaign tagging you can learn more though–which messages, how those links were delivered and stuff like that. It takes a little time and discipline–but if you’re going to get better at this… and if you ever say “ROI”… you should be ready to commit to campaign tagging.

You’re probably sharing links to other sites via social media. I hope so anyway. The problem for measuring these off-site links is that you can’t see the analytics reports for the sites you don’t control. For that you can use a link shortening service that has some analytics built in, like Then you can observe which of your links generate the most clicks–the most acquisitions.

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