Improving Social Media via Web Analytics: Reach, Acquisition, Conversion, (Satisfaction)

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So we’ve talked about measuring things and why we do it. And then we talked about a culture of accountability and a great tool for making that culture. But sooner or later we need to see how do we relate to customers.

Since I like models, I’ve got another one here. I first encountered this in a book by Eric Petersen called Web Analytics Demystified. It’s the Reach, Acquisition Conversion model. I added Satisfaction to the end because I think it’s important.

This model is for understanding how your messages get to people and how they might respond.

  1. Reach is how many people can receive your message, how many customers can hear it. Newspapers might measure this as readership, Online ads might measure this as impressions, social media people might measure this as number of followers or number of followers of followers.
  2. Acquisition is when a customer takes some sort of measurable action on your message. They click on a link, for example.
  3. Conversion, online anyway, is when someone does what you want them to do. For those of you in real estate, it’s usually when they fill out a form saying they want a listing presentation or they want to see a house you’re selling.
  4. Satisfaction is whether they express happiness with what you provided.

You probably notice that this is a lot like the old Attention-Interest-Desire-Action model. And it is. It’s just a little more directly aligned to things we can measure.

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